• Lotus Announces New Flagship Supercar Evora 400
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/19/2015

    Lotus Announces New Flagship Supercar Evora 400

    British car maker Lotus introduces its new flagship supercar, the Evora 400. Set to debut at the Geneva Motorshow on March 3, the new model is the brand's fastest and most powerful production car...
  • American Sniper by DONDA
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/19/2015

    What If Kanye West Designed Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters?

    Kanye West's vision to change the world through design, via his creative agency DONDA, has yet to be fully realized since launching the company in 2012. He's made some strides in music with a number of...
  • Ben & Jerry's x Jimmy Fallon 'The Tonight Dough' Ice Cream
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/19/2015

    Ben & Jerry’s x Jimmy Fallon “The Tonight Dough” Ice Cream

    Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's is helping Jimmy Fallon celebrate his one-year anniversary of taking of The Tonight Show with this new flavor. Called "The Tonight Dough," it's a concoction of caramel and chocolate...
  • Mercedes-Maybach Pullman
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    First Look At The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

    After announcing the return of the Mercedes-Maybach in the Fall, the luxury carmaker offers a first look at the ultra luxurious Maybach Pullman. The Pullman is 1052mm longer and 100mm taller than the previously...
  • Starbucks
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    Starbucks Announces Delivery Service

    As if Starbucks wasn't already readily available on nearly every street corner, now the company is offering a delivery service. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company announced Tuesday (Feb. 17) that it...
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Special Edition
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Special Edition

    Ahead of the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, Aston Martin offers up a first look at this special edition Vantage model -- the track-inspired Vantage GT3 Special Edition. The car weighs in 100kg less than...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    “Scarface” Recreated In 8-Bit

    Brian De Palma's 1983 gangster classic, Scarface, is a favorite among many... but ever wonder what the movie would look like as an arcade game? CineFix recently reimagined the film's highights in via 8-bit...
  • Seven Days With The New Lexus RC 350 F Sport (Recap)
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    7 Days With The New Lexus RC 350 F Sport

    Following our formal review of the 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport, we present the conclusion of our seven-day social media campaign, in which we spent the better half of a week traveling around Orange,...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/17/2015

    Dubai In “Flow Motion”

    Videographer Rob Whitworth offers up this unique look at Dubai in this time-lapse video, which he dubs "Flow Motion." The clip was created after three months of exploration, research and filming... and the end...
  • Mercedes-Benz SL Special Edition 'Mille Miglia 417'
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/17/2015

    Mercedes-Benz SL Special Edition “Mille Miglia 417″

    To commemorate Mercedes-Benz's victory at the 1955 "Mille Miglia," the luxury carmaker offers up this special edition of its SL 400 and 500 models. Dubbed the "Mille Miglia 417", the name is a nod...
  • Smart Fortwo By Colette
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/17/2015

    Smart Fortwo By Colette

    French boutique Colette celebrates its 18th birthday with this Smart for a special edition model of its 2016 fortwo model. It boasts a grey anthracite exterior and black leather interior with hits of the...
  • 1800 Colección Tequila
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/17/2015

    1800 Tequila Releases $2,000 Limited Bottle

    1800 Tequila announced a super limited edition offering this week called 1800 Colección. 1800 calls it "a perfectly aged, extra añejo tequila," which is available in a limited batch of hand-numbered bottles that are...