Will We Ever See The Tesla Cybertruck On The Road?

Tesla Cybertruck
via Tesla

Elon Musk officially unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck in late 2019 after offering the very first teaser images earlier that year. Pre-orders would follow and the Internet went crazy over the unique look of the futuristic EV truck, as more than 1 million people put in deposits to be among the first to own one.

Fast forward to over a year and there is still no official word as to when Tesla’s Cybertruck will begin delivery. Reports have indicated that manufacturing will be pushed back, and when a date is given, it is postponed again.

Why Hasn’t Production started For The Cybertrunk?

As stated by Torque News’ Jeremy Johnson, the delays boils down to Tesla’s company mission, which is to speed up the world’s transition to renewable energy. With climate change and humanity’s impact on the planet, vehicle rollouts for Tesla may come in second place on the priority list, even if the Cybertruck becomes one of the world’s best-selling vehicles.

For us, the Tesla Cybertruck looks awesome, even if it has an aseathic that makes it look like it could be a UFO. Despite this, Tesla says it will have the power and features to compete with any of the world’s top-selling trucks, with a towing capacity of as much as 14,000 pounds. It also has a scratch- and dent-resistant stainless steel body, and can drive as far as 500 miles on one charge. Price, you ask? It will start at $39,900 for the base model.

We don’t have all the information about the Cybertruck.

What we do know is that it will be offered in three different variations, which is determined by the number of electric motors. Each model will feature all-wheel drive, but there will be single engine, dual engine, and tri engine versions, which means increased acceleration, a further driving range, and more towing capability.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck can speed to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 110 mph. When you get the dual-engine version, those numbers go to 4.5 seconds and 120 mph; and the tri-engine goes to an almost unbelievable 2.9 seconds and 130 mph.

There will also be an adjustable air suspension feature that allows the Cybertruck to raise or lower it at your discretion. You probably don’t want to do this while driving too fast, unless you want to hire a car accident lawyer.

When will we finally see the production model? It will be a waiting game, but we’re sure of this: it will be likely one of the most popular Tesla models ever.