Mamitas Tequila Seltzer Drops Two New Flavors: Spicy Marg + Tequila Sunrise

Mamitas Tequila Seltzer

Mamitas has announced the release of two new flavors to its hard seltzer line-up: Spicy Marg and Tequila Sunrise.

Coming just in time for Cinco De Mayo and summer celebrations, Mamitas’ new flavors offers its own twist on the pair of classic cocktails. If you’re looking to spice up things, the Mamitas Spicy Marg could be for you. Need a 1970s vinyl summer twist? Try Mamitas Tequila Sunrise with sparkling water, and a splash of orange.

Each Mamitas Seltzer is made from real tequila, boasts just 95 calories, is naturally gluten free and has less than 1.5 grams of sugar in each can. For more info, visit