Best Ways To Market Your Online Course

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While the pandemic has been disastrous for many, it has certainly been a boon for the digital learning market. There has been a whooping rise in the number of people turning to online courses to acquire new skills. These skills vary from creating apps to the basics of cooking, and much more.

Even before the pandemic, online courses have been quite popular with people who want to learn something regardless of their location. This allows online course creators to reach audiences beyond geographical barriers, provided they offer a course that can powerfully capture learner attention. 

With the advancement in technology and the introduction of learning management systems, it has become quite convenient to ensure learners have an engaging experience. Cloud-based LMS like Inquisiq which have mobile learning options and multilingual interface allow you to deliver customized learner experiences.

But however impressive your course is, without the right marketing strategy it’s impossible to ensure it gets the popularity it deserves. Your core audience needs to know what you’re offering in order to boost engagement with the course.

To help you out, we have listed below the best ways to market your course and make it a best-selling one:

  1. Identify your audience:

It is difficult to penetrate the market without the understanding of what you’re aiming for. So your very first action should be identifying your ideal customer and structuring your marketing strategy to target them in the best possible way.

This will help you get your promotions in line with their needs as you start thinking of what will fulfill these needs. Once you understand their pain points, you can specifically address those on priority to establish your course as a great solution.

  1. Create videos:

Before anyone commits to an online course, if they can have a sneak peak of what exactly it entails and how well it conveys information, the chances of them converting into a buyer increase exponentially. It is crucial that your audience fully understand the value of your course, and how to engage with it. 

Videos can make it easy to explain learners the accessibility and aim of your course. Also, a consumer is more likely to watch a video about a course rather than go through text detailing every course element.

  1. Use social media to your advantage:

Social media is an extremely powerful channel of engagement. Everyone is now using some or the other social media platform and you must leverage this to your advantage.

Start talking about your course even before it’s released to create a buzz around it. You can collaborate with other course creators as well to cross-promote each other’s courses. This will cost nothing but will get you a lot of attention from their followers.

  1. Use gamification to your advantage:

Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be bland. If your targeted consumer is young, you can gamify the promotional activities in order to grab their attention.

For instance, create a challenge with questions related to your course (but not too tough to crack)  and offer a special discount to the winners. This makes it fun and earning a discount coupon compels the buyer to go ahead and buy the course.

  1. Get featured on webinars:

A lot of instructor-led courses feature other expert course creators to provide learners a better understanding of certain topics. If your target audience is on such courses, offer to host a free webinar.

Hosting a webinar for your core audience will get you a lot of attention and you can use this opportunity to share some of your course content. This will create interest in learners to buy your course.

Conclusion: We hope the above mentioned ideas will help you become a best-selling online course creator. Do you have any more ideas that you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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