The Top Tech Innovations Coming to Online Gaming for 2024

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The online gaming industry is constantly going through growth and innovation, and 2024 will be no different. With the advancements of virtual and augmented reality games, developments in digital casino and slot machines, and much more, it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. 

Anybody who has an interest in online gaming will have noticed the rise in popularity of casino and slot machine game playing in recent years. More people than ever are choosing to use apps or sites to gamble from, rather than visiting land-based casinos. Due to this, the market has grown exponentially, with operators and developers coming up with exciting new versions of classic games (source: Slots and casinos are already becoming one of the most played game genres, and account for a large part of gross gambling yield (GGY) for many countries around the world.

Arguably the biggest trend in gaming has to be AR and VR. Alternate realities allow the player to escape everyday life and experience a whole new world, all from the comfort of their homes. At the moment, augmented reality game options are fairly new, having exploded onto the scene with Pokémon Go in 2016. It’s very likely that in 2024, we’ll see multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), such as League of Legends, utilize AR and revolutionize their gameplay. As for VR, an increasing number of game developers will take advantage of the technology. Predictions are that any companies that do so will see huge sales spikes, and it’s easy to understand why. What could be more enticing than being able to walk into the fantasy world that you can normally only look at through a far-away screen?

As we’ve seen already in 2023, artificial intelligence will take a central role in online gaming. AI is already used in so many different industries, and the innovations it could make in the world of games are sizable. For example, real-time generative AI would be able to create additional characters that can interact with the game player without using a predetermined script, or invent new locations or challenges based on the preferences and behavior of the game player. The amalgamation of AI and game design brings with it endless possibilities. This would mean a truly unique gaming experience for each individual user, something virtually unheard of before.

Another major tech innovation that is taking the online gaming world by storm in 2024 is blockchain. Not only does it protect the privacy and anonymity of players through its data encryption technologies, but it transforms gaming from entertainment to something with play-to-earn potential. Users can make secure in-game purchases, create, store, and trade in-game assets, all of which increase the amount of control they have in comparison to a play-to-win model.

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