T1 Tact Watch Release Military Smartwatch, Links With Fashion Guru

T1 Tact Watch Military Smartwatch

Everyone needs black attire in their closet. The color ‚ÄúBlack‚ÄĚ is synonymous with style in almost all countries of fashion from Italy to South Africa to the United States. Celebrities wear the color heavily. Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, Caribbean Queen Jennifer Lopez, and modern Superstars like Cardi B and Offset have all flaunted the rich color. ¬†Now, an innovator to the Hip-Hop fashion world brings a missing ‚Äėlink‚Äô to the closet. In fact, maybe we should say to the wrist. Recently an original figure behind all of urban style online, partnered for the launching of T1 Tact Watch, military smartwatch brand. Their first release, the all black ‚ÄúMidnight DIamond.‚ÄĚ

What’s the Midnight Diamond?

The Midnight Diamond is a black military tactical smartwatch. It’s the trendiest online at the moment, growing in popularity because of social media. The durability tests that the watch endures in various viral videos, seems to be gaining momentum with youth online. The quality is next level. The tactical wrist gear is so tough, the brand’s team beat it with a hammer and ax in one visual, yet the OLED screen survives without a crack or break. This is what really separates the product as a military smartwatch vs regular smartwatches (read more here).

T1 Tact Watch Military Smartwatch

Every person alive needs a pair of 2 pairs of black shoes.  One is formal and the other is sneakers. A black belt, black tie, black shirt, and  a black hat are also a usual staple of most Americans’ closets. Most prefer their gym clothes black as well.  The last thing, most forget to accessorize with is a black watch.  This is what fueled the idea of the new brand.

The T1 Tact Smartwatch Functions

Functions wise, the “T-watch” as some call it, ¬†is created around average American‚Äôs ¬†daily use habits who work in tactical fields. ¬†¬†It shows time in 12 and 24 hour intervals, as military men and women need. ¬†There‚Äôs also day, date, alarm, and stopwatch as most smartwatches.

For sports & athletics enthusiasts, ¬†there‚Äôs applications that sync with your smartphone or device. ¬†For running or treadmill, there‚Äôs a Pedometer app. The application includes a step counter, distance ran estimator, and sleep monitor. ¬†¬†All of these smartwatch functions link back to your iPhone or other smart device for a full ‚Äėworkout analysis.‚Äô Once actively recording data ¬†for a week, users get stats on how to improve their routines and yield better results.

Beyond functionality, the Midnight Diamond is durable enough for any activity. It is waterproof, dustproof, and fireproof (see video below). It can handle high heat conditions of firefighters’ on the job. It is water resistant up to 5ATM, able to be worn for aquatic sports like skimboarding, surfing, and fishing.

Brains To Move The Brand.

The founder of the internet’s first Hip-hop fashion blog, Rodrick Rainey, has teamed up with the T1 Tact Watch company.   The internet trailblazer is the smartwatch’s link to Hollywood & Popular Hip-Hop culture.

Rainey’s resume of marketing includes ties to the world famous fashion brands owned or formerly owned by today’s A-list celebs.  Clothing Labels by Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Diddy all used the web fashion guru to expand their empire via internet marketing.   Also, fashion powerhouses such as Nike, New Era Cap company, adidas, and Puma also used the URB1 founder to push their products online.

See how to correctly size your Apple watch here.

Prices on the Rise… But not too high

The “Midnight Diamond” retails for $69.99 today. This is expected to rise in coming weeks, according to the company twitter (@T1TactWatch).¬† ¬†The brand founder nor Rainey want to create a product so expensive the average person cannot afford it. ¬†¬†As it‚Äôs a “tactical smartwatch,” the price point is supposed to go “easy” on the pockets of people who work in military, army, tactical, athletic, or related services. Also, T1TW wants to be affordable for people who look to purchase a quality gift for these men and women. Therefore, it will not rise back to the original $169.99 suggested retail price.

A second release is also on the way from the brand.  Details of the smartwatch have yet to be released but it was mentioned on twitter as well.

Shop the official website at  T1TactWatch.com only.  Other websites are all counterfeits as the brand does not sell to other retailers.

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