Sports Trading Cards? Look No Further Than Card Clout with DJ Skee

DJ Skee Card Clout

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, which may be understandable given that the entire world pretty much stopped as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be forgiven for not knowing that the SPORTS TRADING CARDS business is back – with a vengeance. Although chances are, even under a rock, you’ll have heard a thing or two about its recent high flying, sky-is-the-limit comeback. Guess what, it’s here and it’s ROCKING. 

Every Hip-Hop star, Footballer, DJ, you name it, they’re in and with good reason. From the likes of Snoop trading his $30,000 car for a Kobe Bryant card (!) to Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson discussing his ultimate fantasy card, the world renowned DJ Skee covers it all on Card Clout; favorite athletes, artists, collectors, shops and more. 

About Card Clout

Card Clout is the prime destination in the sports card trading game. A Co-Production between Dash Radio and Whistle Sports, Card Clout recently launched with two jaw-dropping episodes of pure hilarity and candid conversations, hosted by the one personality who knows the space inside and out: DJ Skee. Card Clout will continue with regularly scheduled episodes featuring Skee card collaborations, multi-million dollar collections and undoubtedly the best content in the sports trading card space. Its all here! Check out the video below to see the hilarious episode with Snoop:

About DJ Skee

DJ Skee built an empire by consistently identifying the next trends in music and culture first and his best known for introducing the world to artists including Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, Travis Scott, and more on his TV and radio platforms. Outside of the DJ world, Skee dominates the sports card business, its culture and is widely recognized as the most authoritative and well-versed voice in the game. You KNOW with Skee at the helm, you will listen to the most honest, downright hilarious, potentially bleeped-out conversations with some of the biggest names in the music and sports field.  

For the full details of DeShaun Watson’s most expensive Rookie cards to choosing his absolute favorites of all time, check out his interview with Skee below: