Pluto May No Longer Be A Planet But It Is a Primary Destination for Sauce

Welcome to the world of Pluto – a colorful world which bends some of the common laws of physics. To arrive at this world, you must be transported there by your mind. Time doesn’t constrain this “planet”. You will find a diversity of characters, from overlapping decades, peacefully coexisting with one another. The common thread that connects everyone at Pluto is love… and cannabis. 

Pluto manufactures cannabis concentrates with precision and will be releasing its first collection in collaboration with world class hardware company, Hanu Labs. Pluto’s ‘sauce’ is a potent extraction of full spectrum cannabis oil, high in terpene and cannabinoid content, resulting in maximum benefit for the consumer. A limited edition collection of pods with Hanu Labs hardware are now available. 

Pluto’s products will be manufactured under their type 7 manufacturing license in a 10,000 square foot facility located in beautiful, sunny Southern California. 

Pluto is the farthest “planet” in our solar system and is a one of a kind scenic balcony to appreciate the uncharted areas of our universe with all its marvels and mysteries. The “planet” is also a great vantage point into the solar system, into our beautiful planet to see things from outside the “bubble”. Pluto is the perfect platform to reflect on one’s existence and experience a connection with the universe, the unknown, and all living things. Through this next level of enlightenment one can appreciate and marvel at the many facets of one’s infinite creativity.

Through the study of quantum physics and the practices of yoga and meditation, the human race is starting to realize that we are all infinite and that there are many paths to arrive to the place of oneness. Pluto can serve as a visual roadmap of such journeys.

Lincoln Barnett III and Michael Garganese Jr., two cannabis industry veterans, along with their Creative Director The Invisible Realm, debuted Pluto at California cannabis expo Hall of Flowers. The booth itself featured an augmented reality experience that allowed attendees to immerse themselves in a new world. The Pluto aesthetic is destined to become a lifestyle, well beyond cannabis.  

For those who enjoy introspection, Pluto is a great avenue to begin one’s journey through the broader perspective of the external wonders of the universe and the universe within yourself. 



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