California-Based House Beer Launches Family of Radlers

House Beer Radler

Venice, California-based House Beers celebrates Oktoberfest with its new line of Radler’s.

If you’re not familiar with House Beer, their mission has always been “One Beer Done Right”, but recently a second style caught their eye. They began to notice the serious lack of quality Radler’s. House Beer realized that a great Radler starts with one thing — a great Lager, which House happens to know a little bit about. So, maybe one more beer done right is more appropriate.

The new launch follows on the success of House’s first ever, limited Radler, which came out last year. It combined fresh grapefruit juice with the brand’s premium lager. The Grapefruit Radler just made sense, because it was something that they’d want to drink. After finding that friends and family felt the same way, they deliver a line of new Radler’s for those that loved it.

Since that first toe dip into the world of Radlers, House returned to the drawing board, developing a flight of Premium Crafted Radlers built on the foundation of our one and only House Lager. Not to mention that this line also steps into the ”better-for-you” space considering the specs.

Flavors include the Grapefruit Radler, the Salted Lime Radler, the Tropical Radler (Pineapple + Orange + Guava) and the Mango Radler. Each is just 110 calories, 3.2% ABV and 5 grams of residual sugar. They are delivered in 12 oz cans and is variety 12 packs or 6 packs.

The House Beer Radlers sell for $10.99 (6 pack) and $19.99 (12 pack). For more information, visit