Mexico Is The Sh*t and other reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Not everyone may be familiar with the origin of Cinco de Mayo (not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day), nor why it is predominately more of an American celebration than a Mexican holiday. Here’s a quick rundown: On May 5th 1862, the Mexican army unexpectedly defeated the French forces of Napoleon III at the Battle of Puebla (Batalla de Puebla). Americans quickly showed their solidarity with Mexico against French rule and began celebrating to commemorate freedom and democracy, Mexican heritage and pride.

The day became even more popularized in the U.S. in the 1980s by the likes of beer corporations, Anheuser Busch and Miller Coors when they began sponsoring the day that is Cinco de Mayo.

So how did we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? With Mexico Is The Shit, of course. In partnership with Dos Equis and Remezcla, MITS hosted a day event at the #RemezclaHouse in Silver Lake as a “Celebration of Mexican Americans winning battles in the name of culture”.

Approximately 250 guests partied, shopped at the pop-up Mercadorama Mercado, showcasing exclusive goods from their roster of brands including Prima Volta, Sad Boy and of course Mexico Is The Shit. Dos Equis were on hand with their limited edition “Mexico Is The Shit” designed beer, reminding attendees to #KeepItInteresante. We ate (delicious!) tacos and tortas from LA based Guerrilla Tacos and Β‘Loteria! Grill, respectively and immersed ourselves in art from artists Gabriella Sanchez and Luracs, a multidisciplinary artist and educator from Mexico City.

Vibrant vocalists Maxx Gallo and Amandititita each took stage, alongside an Accordion player with a pretty slick, fast tempo.

The energy and vibrance guests brought was on point for Cinco de Mayo celebrations and very clearly won the battle in the name of culture. Great work MITS team!

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About Mexico Is The Shit

Mexico Is The Shit, the young iconic fashion brand making serious noise both in the US and its native Mexico, has catapulted into the fashion limelight in recent years. The brand first came to our attention in the intense buildup to the US Election in October 2017, when photographer Carlos E. Lang was spotted wearing the jacket famously emblazoning the words “Mexico Is The Shit” in front ofΒ  Trump Tower. Cue: MITS GOES VIRAL.

Since then, the jacket has been hot commodity and is now gaining a firm presence amongst cultural savvy consumers in the US.

Creative Director Anuar Layon says: β€œThis is not only a jacket, but a statement, an opportunity to remind the world that Mexico is great, that all Mexican-made products are well done.” Check out more of Anuar’s designs here.