New Energy Drink Hits Market By “No Chaser” Instagram Account

No Chaser Energy Drink

Doing Things Media, the company behind a portfolio of popular Instagram brands, is expanding beyond the platform and into the market with what they call their “first-ever health-conscious energy drink”. It’s called No Chaser.

According to the brand, it is aart energy drink, part hangover remedy. It is a vegan alternative to classic energy drinks. It is sugar-free, has 80mg organic green tea caffeine, 200% B-vitamins, L-Theanine, ginseng and ginger to give you a “wake-me-up”.

When No Chaser first launched on Instagram in 2016, it quickly grew as the go-to destination to watch the funny content. In 2017, co-founder Derek Lucas launched Doing Things Media with Reid Hailey (aka Shitheadsteve) to continue bringing laughs and sharing good times to audiences through No Chaser and other Instagram accounts.

“I’ve had to be really conscious of what I eat/drink for the last 6 years due to getting Lyme disease,” says Reid Hailey, co-creator of No Chaser beverage and co-founder and CEO of Doing Things Media. “I was really sick at one point (when I started doing things on the internet) but I’m basically fully recovered. I was on the hunt for a healthy drink that tastes great and gives you a great feeling without the bad ingredients. When I realized there really aren’t any out there, I thought, ‘holy sh*t, we have a brand called No Chaser and it’s the perfect name of an energy drink that can double as a hangover recovery drink.’ The smooth energy buzz you get from this drink is unlike any other and it tastes incredible, I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The No Chaser energy drink is available now at 12 packs are available for one-time orders or for an automatic 10% discount, sign up for a recurring subscription.

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