Online Slot Machines: Busting the Myths

Slot Machines
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There are many myths about online slot games. For instance, many players suggest slots at online casinos are fixed. But these myths are generated from unlucky players who do not understand how online slot machines work. Once you know how slots function, you will realize that the myth of fixing is just that: a myth.

Common Online Slot Machine Myths

It is impossible for online slot machines to be fixed, as long as the slot is hosted on a licensed online casino. So, players in places where online gambling is permitted should choose a reputable casino site like Casumo. Conversely, another popular myth is that it’s possible to come up with a concrete winning strategy. The truth is no system enables players to beat the house consistently. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of playing smartly, but ultimately, it comes down to the luck of the spin. Another common myth is casinos alter payouts and other factors. However, reputable online casinos actually have no control over the games because they are developed and provided by third-party gaming firms. So, fixing is an impossibility.

How are slot machines programmed?

Every single online slot machine on reputable platforms uses a random number generator. The computerized system creates random sequences every millisecond to make sure the game is fair for players. Because the process is entirely random, your previous spins are wholly unrelated to the next spin and gaining a winning sequence. Even at brick-and-mortar casinos, players tend to avoid slot machines that have just paid out. But the truth is, both real-life slots and online slot games provide the same chances of winning a jackpot after they have paid out as much as if the machines hadn’t paid out. Slot machines do not remember.

How do random number generators actually work?

Random number generator software generates thousands of numbers, between zero and around 4 billion, every second. Each of those numbers is connected to a different outcome for each spin on the game’s reels. So, the process runs like this:

  • You press spin, and a random number is generated.
  • The mathematical module in the software translates that number to determine where the reels should stop.
  • As the reels stop as intended, the game calculates the result of the spin.
  • The player is notified of the outcome.

How do you maximize your chances of winning on online slot machines?

So, if online slot machines function via random number generators, are there ways of maximizing your chances of winning? At the end of the day, winning on slot machines simply comes down to luck. However, there are indeed methods you can use to help you potentially score a win.

Read the Rules and Guidelines

If a slot game comes with rules and guidelines, read them before you begin playing. A guide will tell you which symbols and pay-lines to look out for. It could also inform you how to trigger bonus features, which usually contain the biggest payouts.

Look Out for Promotions and Offers

Many online casinos have promotions and offers throughout the year that helps you to maximize your winning chances. If you play on lots of different casinos when they have promos and offers, rather than sticking to just one site, you could potentially win more.

Find the Highest Percentage

By looking at different online slot machines, you can discover what their highest payout percentages are. The higher the percentage, the better chance you have of getting a return on your money. Payout percentages are typically around 90%. Some slots even offer payout percentages of 97%. So, shop around.

Manage Your Money Well

You won’t make money on slot machines if you don’t have good money management. You never want to get to a stage where you are spending more on slot games than you can afford. Always stay ahead of the bankroll and keep track of your spending. If you like playing online slots regularly, consider setting spending limits.

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