3 Ways to Create a Better Life for You and Your Family

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Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

It can really be tough raising a family these days. The health crisis that’s enveloped the globe has hit especially hard in our part of the world. We are working from home if we are working at all. Masks and social distancing are the new normal, as we find ourselves longing for life to get back to the way it used to be. Many schools are closed and even everyday things like grocery shopping don’t quite feel safe. Click here.

We find ourselves in a world where the old rules just don’t seem to apply anymore. Each day is spent in near isolation and before we know it another month has gone by. City living, which used to come with excitement and energy, now seems claustrophobic and the close quarters provide a breeding ground for the virus to spread. It’s like we woke up and suddenly nothing worked the way it did just the other day. There is a way out, though, if you simply look at things with new eyes and rethink everything.

Get the Education You Need to Succeed

Employment is going through a complete revamp due to the pandemic. Lots of service jobs, a mainstay of our economy, have gone away and many are not forecast to come back even when things pick up. So many sectors have taken a severe hit as states shut down and put restrictions in place. Large corporations are furloughing significant parts of their workforce and small businesses are being forced to shut down permanently.

In order to succeed in this new, complex world, you’ll need skills that are in current demand. One of the best ways to assure continued work is to sign up for the education you need. More than ever, colleges are offering remote learning options that will let you get a degree or a new degree from the comfort of your home. If you apply for private student loans you can get the financing you need to pay for your education and can pay off the loan over time. These student loans are offered by credit unions, banks and finance companies.

Find Your Perfect Piece of Land

Living in a big city or crowded metropolitan area just doesn’t make sense any more. Housing costs are far too high in these areas and most people can’t even afford to purchase their own home. Renting is not a good solution either, as monthly rental rates often eat up most of your paycheck. With many employers now offering or requiring employees to work from home, it’s time to head to a rural area.

Land in the country can be amazingly affordable. Instead of being squeezed into an apartment that’s too small for comfortable human living, you may be able to purchase several acres of land. You’ll want to make sure the land has water available so you can either hook up to existing utilities or drill your own well. One of the best things about buying land is how you can finance your purchase. Many sellers offer land contracts where you put a low percentage down and then make really affordable payments over the upcoming years.

Build, Barter or Buy an Alternative Home

The next step to creating a better life for your family is to put an alternative dwelling on your newly purchased land. You can get amazingly comfortable places to live if you are willing to think outside the urban or suburban stick-built dwelling box. Geodesic domes are beautiful and can be assembled on site and provide a cozy spot for instant family living. You can even add a second dwelling structure to accommodate your family’s needs.

An alternative home costs just a fraction of a suburban neighborhood house. If you add up all the money you spend on rent for a single year, you’ll find you could likely buy an alternative home with that money alone. You’d then have a fully paid for dwelling and wouldn’t find yourself continuing to pay for a house for an additional 29 years. If you are short on money but really handy, you could also build your own place using salvaged materials.

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