E-40 Helps Prisoners During Covid-19 Pandemic

E-40 hand sanitizer

E-40 is known for being more than an artist; he’s a pillar of his community. Now, during this time of struggle, the hip-hop legend is extending a helping hand to some of our most vulnerable citizens: prison inmates.

News of the rampant spread of Covid-19 among incarcerated individuals has been concerning, and it prompted E-40 to take it upon himself to do something. After reading articles about the USP Southern California’s Lompoc facility, where more than 900 inmates have tested positive for the virus (meaning most prisoners and staff inside have now contracted it), he was inspired to assist the state of California. He is providing hand sanitizer for California prisoners.

E-40 believes that there’s no way inmates can implement social distancing within the confines of prison walls, and we all know the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases continue to spread like wildfire amongst inmates and staff. Officials have canceled all visitation and are no longer allowing inmates to use phones and computers, cutting off their already-limited contact with loved ones during this international crisis. E-40 is stepping in to provide the much-needed resource of hand sanitizer to this neglected population and do his part to reduce the spread and ease the suffering. “People who were sentenced to prison time weren’t sentenced to death by Covid19,” says E-40.

E-40 is donating 1000 gallons of hand sanitizer to USP LOMPOC,