Nardo Wick Recruits Lil Durk, 21 Savage, & G Herbo for “Who Want Smoke??”

There is nothing more enjoyable than when you gather with your favorite group of friends or family members. The energy, vibes, and shenanigans are always at an all-time high. This is the same exact feel on Nardo Wick’s newest version of his highly acclaimed single, “Who Want Smoke??” Following his icy “I Be Chillin” record, Jacksonville’s Nardo Wick returns with his highly anticipated version of the viral TikTok hit. However this time around, the 19-year-old native brings in a few friends. Making it nothing less than a gang situation, the newest version of the smash-hit comes with a brand new visual and calls on the likes of Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and G Herbo.

Released Friday (Oct. 8), the updated “Who Want Smoke??” takes the vicious track to even higher dimensions. The foursome of Nardo, Durkio, 21 Savage, and G Herbo both sound and feels like a group of close-knit cousins coming together and getting chaotic in the best way possible. Nardo sets the tone with his original verse and leads the pack before making way for some of the most prominent artists today.

The apocalyptic, Cole Bennett-directed video begins with Nardo giving a speech before causing chaos in the city. With guns blazing and utter violence taking place, Nardo sets the tone with his raw, dark, & confrontational lyrics. The belligerent video literally feels like something out of The Purge. Feeding off the obvious atmosphere, The Voice himself, Lil Durk follows with a show-stopping verse. As he sits in a conference room with his members, Durk finishes exactly what Nardo starts. While claiming his own dominance, Durk shows love to Nardo throughout his verse before passing it to 21 Savage.

As the video progresses, viewers leave the office building and return to the field as 21 Savage reports live with “News 21” covering all of the madness. Comical yet hard-hitting, 21 delivers a thrilling verse. Mimicking Nardo’s flow on the record, he takes “Who Wants Smoke??” and adds that riveting, trademark 21 flow. Last but not least, G Herbo suavely pulls up (literally) on the scene, making his way into an unmarked video set as the ongoing ferocity follows behind him. As he links with Nardo, G Herbo furthers the theme of ruthless aggression. His eruptive bars remind his listeners that despite the money, he’s still not to be played with.

When speaking on his purposeful work within “Who Want Smoke,” Cole Bennett shared his aspirations and goals when creating art.

“This next chapter of my career is to give every project I work on my full attention. If I want to be proud of all the videos I work on, then I must never rush the process. I want it to be a great viewing experience every time. The goal is to create timeless quality art that inspires and motivates me, and hopefully, it can inspire and motivate those beyond me as well. I view the “Who Want Smoke??” video as the opening page of this new chapter.”

The four deliver outstanding chemistry and again take the song to even newer levels. From beginning to end, the menacing record explodes inside of you. It incites energy and makes you want to move. You literally feel every lyric that each artist utters.

Intentionality continues as this new version of the hit single follows directly after Lil Durk and Lil Baby brought the young star out during an Orlando tour stop to perform the song over the summer. “Who Want Smoke” is rousing, exciting, and stimulating. While only 19, Nardo Wick is here, and here to stay.

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