5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

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In this digitalized era, the online music industry has grown significantly and numerous online music platforms have established a strong presence among music lovers. One such music streaming site is Soundcloud, which is one of the largest and most popular music platforms around the world. 

This platform provides good opportunities to musicians and helps them reach higher levels of success. Creating a profile and releasing new tracks is not the real challenge, but promoting your music and gaining popularity on SoundCloud can be a hard mountain to conquer. 

While some artists have mastered this art and gained visibility on this popular platform, the majority of the users are still struggling. If you are one such independent musician looking to gain engagement on SoundCloud then this article is definitely for you. Of course, you can always buy SoundCloud plays and growing organically is a better option. 

So, we are here with the 5 effective ways to promote your music on SoundCloud without paying anything. Let’s get started!

  1. Optimize Your SoundCloud Profile

If you want users to hit the follow button on your SoundCloud profile then you have to make a good impression. And for that, you need to optimize your profile to convert potential followers into permanent followers. 

Choose the perfect username for your profile and it should align with the name of the artist so that users can relate and identify the artist from the username. 

To gain better visibility use a unique profile image. If you are an independent artist then it is recommended that you use your own image. It is better to maintain consistency and use the same image that is uploaded to your social media platforms. 

You can go creative with the header image, change it from time to time and upload the cover art of your upcoming tracks. This not only keeps your feed updated but also promotes the music you are about to release. 

SoundCloud is a highly competitive platform and to gain engagement on it you need to create a unique profile. So, make sure you leverage every feature to stand out in this crowded place.

  1. High-Quality Music Leads to More Plays

Every day there are hundreds of music uploads on SoundCloud but very few have clarity and balance. You should always upload tracks with high-quality music to gain new followers and build a strong presence on this platform. 

You need to know the proper techniques to create music that kick starts your career in this industry. Users on SoundCloud will quickly hit the next button if your music doesn’t have the required clarity. 

To reach a larger audience work hard and come up with some of the best tracks that instantly hook users to your music. This will also help you gain more play buttons and higher reach in this online world. 

  1. Upload Music With Attractive Cover Art

Merely uploading a music track on SoundCloud is not enough, you need to promote it if you want to gain popularity in this industry. One of the smartest tricks to gain more plays is to create visually appealing cover art that expresses your music in the right manner. 

While uploading a track, SoundCloud will provide you an option to attach cover art with it. This cover art will appear everywhere your music is shared, be it on social media or in blogs. The image will always be attached to the music. So, make sure you have high-quality artwork that attracts more audiences. 

Make a compelling cover image that encourages people to hit the play button. If it represents your music well then people will be willing to listen to more of your music. You can create it yourself or you can also hire a photographer or graphic designer to make unique cover art. 

  1. Add a “Buy” link on Your Published Music

Adding a Buy link to your music on SoundCloud is yet another amazing way to create a powerful presence on this music platform. When your fans like the music they will be willing to purchase it and you will be able to generate some revenue. 

There are various sites where you can link your music such as iTunes, Bandcamp, and so on. It is one of the most amazing options for artists who are looking to earn some extra money. You can simply add the Buy link option provided on the edit page of the track in the ‘Metadata’ tab. 

You can also change this Buy link and redirect your fans to other streaming platforms like Spotify. You can change it to “Stream on Spotify” or “Donate” and link this option to a PayPal account to get some financial support from your fans. 

  1. Share Tracks on Your Social Media Platforms

Social media is the most powerful tool that can help your music gain more visibility. If you have a robust presence on social media, why not drive fans from these platforms to SoundCloud and gain more hits on the play button. 

You will find options on SoundCloud for various social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr. You can also add your music link in your Instagram bio or latest posts to drive more traffic on SoundCloud. 

Ask your fans to re-share your social media posts to gain more reach. This not only helps you gain followers on social media but also builds a better reach for your music on SoundCloud

You can also promote your music in a fun way by using different features provided by these social media platforms. Create engaging social media posts and use strong call-to-action to gain more discoverability. 

There you have it! These were some of the most amazing tips that will help you promote music on SoundCloud. But remember to gain better reach you need to stay active and consistent on this platform. 

The more you use it the more visibility you gain. You also need to keep your followers engaged with fresh music tracks. This will also help you build a strong fanbase on SoundCloud. We hope that these tips help you create a strong online presence and reach higher levels of success.

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