3rd Wrld Drops New Project “Welcome To Our Wrld”

3rd Wrld - Welcome to Our WRLD

Following the release of a number of tracks, Los Angeles-based revolutionary rap group 3rd Wrld delivers their brand new project Welcome To Our Wrld.

The brainchild of 1000 Words (rapper/lyricist) and Chapter 3 (DJ/producer), 3rd WRLD is the summation of 1st generation Americans, expressing their anti-authority messages through their first love, the hip-hop culture. Drawing influences from Nas to Cypress Hill, and Madlib to Flying Lotus, 3rd WRLD are a bi-lingual combo, seamlessly switching from english to spanish to tell their story.

Amidst a global pandemic, 2020 has seen Los Angeles go through a wave of rebellion and protests which brought about 3rd WRLD’s new album, Welcome to Our WRLD.

With the opening track, “Kids in Cages,” the song was inspired by the current situation of children being held in ICE detention centers across the country. 1000 Words raps: “Free the kids in cages / cuz we the kids in cages/ nobody gon’ save us/ if we don’t f*ckin’ save us,”

Elsewhere, on the song “Im From Here,” 3rd WRLD gives their take on what LA can be like to those who don’t call it home. With an intro that asks an important question: “where you from?” 3rd WRLD moves on to build the narrative: “Ain’t no denyin they see the palm trees/ ain’t no denyin we burn like Marleys / ain’t no denyin the finest mami’s/ thinkin its paradise/ catchin bodies.”

“D.I.A.L”, the 5th track on the album, is a direct response to the police brutality and murders of minorities they have been accustomed to seeing on the internet and news every day. The song begins with “Rest in Peace Andres Guardado and justice for Vanessa Guillen,” a prayer for two individuals the world lost amidst this crisis. “D.I.A.L” is an acronym for “Day In A Life,” where no matter what happens in this lifetime, they feel they are meant to shine: 1000 Words raps: “Just another day in a life for us/ but we the people of the sun/ no one shines like us.”

The albums artwork, in itself, serves as a visual protest. The photo was shot in front of the largest ICE detention center on the west coast by legendary photographer, Estevan Oriol, who also serves as executive producer of the album. The drawings and art direction were done by Dr. Chronicle. The imaging of the album helped set the tone just as much as the music did.

Check out the tracks “Kids In Cages” and “Me and Mine” below. And stream the project now here: https://linktr.ee/3rdWrld.