Intentional & Purposeful: Dirtsa Unleashes Debut EP, “Aletheia’s Calling”

Now more than ever, today’s music is filled with intention. As time progresses, artists today continue to step out of their comfort zones and truly live in their truths. While still entertaining and exciting, music is evolving, even more, to be purpose-driven and deliberate.

These various elements are all the same and more for the rising international phenom, Dirtsa. Who is Dirtsa, you ask? The 24-year-old breakthrough Hip-Hop/R&B artist originally hails all the way from Douala, Cameroon. Now residing in Toulouse, France, the young budding star has released her debut EP, Aletheia’s Calling. Released Friday (Oct. 8), the six-track project gives Dirtsa’s listeners a vivid, clear look into her mind. Although only 24, Dirtsa already has a story to tell. Through her captivating voice and truthful, powerful lyricism, she intellectually highlights her hardships, hopes, racial injustice, and the importance of family. While the self-written project is very concise, the EP takes listeners on a mythical journey from beginning to end.

Dirtsa immediately sets the tone on the project’s opener, “Can U.” If unfamiliar with Greek Mythology, Aletheia was personified as the Greek Goddess of truth, justice, and honesty. From the very start of “Can U,” Dirtsa mimics that same energy. With her enthralling voice, she asks her lover if they can be the very person she needs to fight the demons and weight of life. Over soothing guitar strings, and melodic production, she asks them essentially are they ready for the ride… because it will be one to remember.

On drill-influenced “Questions,” Dirtsa addresses her vast thoughts head-on. Like an uncontrollable freight train, she goes full force. She acknowledges the fight against racial injustice. She also pays homage and tribute to her ancestors and those before her who have fought and paved the way for her. Pondering the motives of the world today, she takes a look around and truly evaluates everything and everyone around her. The EP’s next track “Whole Lotta,” also finds Dirtsa internally gathering herself. From pain to her aspirations, she addresses her emotions over subtle guitar loops and delicate, airy production. She looks at the various internal and external elements that have shaped her.

As the journey through Aletheia’s Calling continues, Dirtsa strikes even harder on the slow scorcher, “Give It Right Back.” Utilizing twinkling synth stabs and futuristic production, Dirtsa creates an entire mood. Her voice commands the entire track. The track puts your mind at ease as Dirtsa’s voice massages your soul. Her delivery is sensational.

The mood transitions once more on the project’s lead track, “Leon.” Here, Dirtsa places her focus on her family. Dirtsa actually shared the song “is an allegory and letter to my family and the things we’ve been through together.” She wears her heart on her sleeve as she passionately sings about her family. It feels sacred. “Leon” is filled with intention and symbolizes a pivot within Dirtsa, her artistry, and her journey.

Aletheia’s Calling’s final track, “Gradually,” finds the young artist doing a final reflection. She knows her assignment on this Earth is much more than herself. The song’s focus is about making an impact in the world slowly but surely. Even when the pressures of life feel like a weighted anchor around our feet, there is always a silver lining and a reason to keep pushing. Her energy is contagious. “Gradually” feels like a renaissance – a rebirth. While the things of the past cannot be changed or altered, she encourages both herself and her listeners to not look back but to push on.

Ultimately, Aletheia’s Calling gives listeners a nice introduction to who Dirtsa is. The EP allows her to be present with herself while she still consciously strives for more. When it comes to the focus behind the project, Dirtsa shared, “Aletheia’s Calling is about finding your truth and fighting for the things you believe in. I crafted this project for a year and a half between France, Spain, and Germany, and it has allowed me to discover myself in ways I would have never imagined.” Organic, original, and authentic, Dirtsa poetically shares her story on her terms. Listeners can both hear and feel her passion through each track. Dirtsa puts her pain and hardship on full display while finding the beauty within the ashes. She sounds unlike anyone or anything out right now and it’s very refreshing.

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