5 Ways to Market Your Music on Spotify

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As one of the most popular music streaming platforms, Spotify is also working hard to introduce new artists to the industry. With new features to help you market your music, you can easily attract a huge fanbase. 

Spotify was established in 2006, and over the years it has grown to attract over 144 million subscribers. The platform has been consistently expanding and is one of the most preferred music streaming platforms.

Apart from music, one can also listen to podcasts, and it has a feature to view lyrics on-screen while playing music. Subscribing to Spotify Premium lets you use all these special features, and you can avail of most of the features with a free account as well.

As an artist, you must also apply smart marketing techniques to be able to boost your popularity. In order to market your music successfully, you do not require any prior training and you just need to learn a few tips.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 such ways in which you can market your music on Spotify.

1. Attract More Listeners

To be able to attract more listeners and followers to your account, you need to show that you already have a good number of plays. If people see that a song has only a few plays, they may think that your music is not well-received. 

To solve this problem, you can buy Spotify plays on websites such as ViewsExpert, Social Packages, and Viralyft. However, it is important that you let your account and music grow organically. So, only buy a small number of plays and let your audience do the rest.

Bought plays are only meant to serve as a boost to increase your organic growth. Also, be careful to buy real plays over fake ones as this adds to your organic growth. Fake plays usually come from bots and unused accounts which doesn’t do you much good.

2. Get Verified

A verified account can get more followers than a non-verified one. This is because the verification tick on your profile lets your audience know that the account is authentic and it also forms a good impression.

Getting verified is a very easy process, and you simply need to sign up at Spotify for Artists. Having an Artist account also provides you with numerous features to help you market your music and find artists who are also new to Spotify. 

You can create campaigns and promo cards using Spotify for Artists. The various tools here increase your fanbase considerably as you get the support of the platform. You can make use of the resources and informational content available on the home page to learn more about marketing on Spotify.

3. Spotify Ads

Spotify Ads is one of the top features on Spotify for Artists. Using this feature, you can create ad campaigns to introduce listeners to your music. You have the choice to create either an audio or a video ad, and Spotify provides you with tools to create ads for free.

There are multiple ways in which you can target your audience. You can do this by directly targeting your fans or by targeting listeners of similar artists. This helps you to gain more listeners in a short span of time.

The best part is that you can visualise the impact of your ads using the analytics tool on Spotify. With this tool, you can learn the number of people your ad has reached, and how many of them have been converted to listeners.

4. Promotions Through Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists are curated by experts at Spotify. There are many playlists that are created to suit a certain mood, genre, or event. For example, you can find playlists for the Best Hip Hop tracks or a playlist that is especially for Dance Music.

Finding your way to one of these playlists can increase the number of your listeners at an exponential rate. In order to get your tracks on a playlist, you need to first pitch them to the curators. 

Then, your tracks will be considered for playlists, depending on the musical tastes of users across the world. By getting your track on such a playlist, you will be exposed to a worldwide community of music lovers.

5. Collaborate With Other Artists

There is a huge community of artists on Spotify who are also looking to make their mark in the music industry. Collaborating can benefit all the artists who are involved as it introduces all of you to new audiences.

Being featured on another artist’s track gives you more exposure and vice versa with just one track. Additionally, you also make new connections which can be very useful in the future. 

If you manage to catch the eye of a famous producer or record label, consider your career to be set for success! Making the most of music sharing platforms can help you to be a part of the music industry right from your home.

Several artists such as Kiiara, James TW, and Joel Adams have gained an enormous fanbase just by sharing their music on Spotify and other music streaming and social media platforms. This shows that there is a high possibility that you too can make it on Spotify.

Use the right techniques and market your music consistently. It is important to regularly engage your audience.

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