Meet The Shelby Destroyer: the Craziest Toy Blaster Ever!

Shelby Destroyer

A father and son duo out of Chicago and created an epic new toy blaster they call the SHELBY Destroyer.

David and Henry Pisor created the foam disc blaster in the midst of the pandemic while engaging in one of their most cherished family traditions – Nerf battles. They say it is “safe like Nerf, as accurate and powerful as Paintball and as interactive as Fortnite but in real life”.

During one of the battles, Henry grew frustrated with his Nerf blaster. From loading issues and dying batteries to a lack of accuracy and jamming, Henry’s skills surpassed his tool. That’s when the light went on. Why not change the game with a better blaster?

After collaboration with a world class product development team, the duo is proud to bring the Shelby Destroyer to a world. A blaster that is mechanically superior, structurally sound, badass-looking, and a whole lot of fun. A piece of equipment so special that it will be passed down from generation to generation.

“My son and I share a love for Nerf wars. It’s been a favorite pastime for most of the last decade and has brought us closer together. The pandemic was no exception. The more we battled the more we thought about how we could maximize our experience,” said David Pisor founder of Shelby Manufacturing. “The answer; design a better blaster. A Nerf 2.0. Not just for us but for the entire community of fanatics that love this as much as we do. Enter the Shelby Destroyer.”

To launch the Shelby Destroyer, the Pisor’s launched an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $20,000. At press time, they are at 284% of their goal, crowdfunding $56,805 so far from 157 backers.

Check out the visual of the blaster below. For more info, visit