Cryptocurrency and Celebrities: Biggest Stars Who Are into Crypto

Snoop Dogg
via Jason Persse / CC-BY-SA-2.0

People know celebrities for investments, wealth, and their careers alike. Most, if not all, do not limit themselves to what they earn but also make money from investments. When it comes to managing their finances and investing, many have ventured into cryptocurrencies.

Some of the stars are into Bitcoin, while others are into Ethereum, Dogecoin, USDC, and USDT among others. Apart from accepting digital coins as payment, they have also ventured into trading to make a profit, saving to earn interest, liquidity pool creation, and yield farming projects. That said, let us look at the celebrities you did not know were into cryptocurrency.

Snoop Dogg

It is speculated that Snoop has been a fan of crypto since he first accepted Bitcoin payments for a new album in 2013. Although he has not discussed it widely, there is an open secret that he is now a fan. He has only given hints that he is a fan by endorsing the leading cryptocurrency, which is a statement that has been appreciated by numerous fans.

50 Cent

Did you know that 50 Cent is an accidental Bitcoin millionaire? His first acceptance of Bitcoin payment was in 2014 when he released the Animal Ambition album. Records have it that he raked in about 700 Bitcoins. He never cashed or traded them until 2017 when the coin hit a peak in value.

Lionel Messi

This football player is very wealthy and has proved that he can endorse upcoming crypto investments as well. He is an ambassador for Sirin Labs. Just like the YouHodler crypto savings platform that has tapped the potential of blockchain to create crypto products, Sirin Labs is no different, but their blockchain approach is focused on the privacy of PC and mobile hardware. As an ambassador, Lionel Messi appreciates the power of cryptocurrency in changing the world.

Mel B

Mel B has been a celebrity for a long time and made a massive amount of money. In 2013, she also endorsed Bitcoin by accepting it as payment for her album. She praised the coin by saying that it is a unifying factor for all her fans worldwide.

Paris Hilton

Well, she is not publicly into crypto such as Bitcoin or saving USDC on YouHodler to earn interest. But she has openly endorsed the Lydian ICO. Furthermore, her association with the brainchild of the ICO makes people believe that she is an investor in some form of cryptocurrencies.

Drew Carey

The actor has clearly talked about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to him, it is a matter of time before crypto gets full acceptance and becomes a preferred mode of payment, not to mention a form of investment. As a result of this open endorsement, his fans and others believe that he is an investor.


These are just a few celebrities who are thought to have a stake in the crypto sector; there are many others. It is clear that the sector is growing fast. With more people joining every day, it is likely to gain momentum in years to come.