CLAE x Vuori Malone Lite Eco-Friendly Unisex Capsule

CLAE x Vuori Malone Lite
Photo courtesy of Clae

Southern California-based CLAE announces its newest collaboration with premium performance apparel brand Vuori for a limited-edition unisex shoe.

Both CLAE and Vuori have made efforts towards eco-consciousness, and this collaboration reinforces their commitments.

Available on CLAE’s “Malone Lite” court shoe, this everyday sneaker is designed for movement and crafted by hand using mostly recycled materials. The mesh fabric used is eco-friendly and traceable, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and made from 100% recycled polyester. The shoe also includes recycled nylon laces, PU foam insoles, and a recycled polyester lining, all made from recycled plastic waste. Each box, label, and packaging is eco-designed with recycled cardboard and paper. Made entirely of Vegan materials, including a premium microsuede upper, and built atop an updated version of CLAE’s signature Premium Court (PC) sole, the Malone Lite Vuori is fully cushioned and agile.

“Modernizing the classics with athletic comfort has been at the forefront of our process since the beginning,” says Jim Bartholet, CEO of CLAE. “Vuori’s Founder, Joe Kudla, perfectly incorporates that with both his personal style and brand. He opened my eyes to the complementary nature of our companies and shared emphasis on sustainability, ethical supply chains, and minimalist design focused on quality, comfort, and versatility. We are proud to play a role in creating Vuori’s first footwear offering. Our collaboration represents an instinctive balance of both brands.”

The Malone Lite Vuori is available in white, off-white, or black, is available in limited quantities exclusively at and

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