Dr. Martens Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Jadon Boot

Dr. Martens Jadon Boot
Photo courtesy of Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its iconic Jadon boot this month.

Following its 2013 debut, the Jadon boot quickly became a trendsetting sensation that has powerfully pioneered today’s booming platform boot category. Beloved by both celebrities and alternative rebels alike, the statement silhouette has grown to be more than a shoe – but rather a global symbol of bold self-expression and fearless fashion.

Transforming from a subcultural statement shoe to an anti-mainstream cult icon, the Jadon boot has developed a distinct global voice and attitude in just a decade. Dr. Martens unveils a culture video featuring collaborators, collectors, and creatives that have played a pivotal part in the Jadon boot’s journey – ranging from Bryan Yambao (Bryanboy) to The Great Frog’s Reino Lehtonen-Riley.

When Dr. Martens’ design team created the Jadon boot in 2013, they had a clear objective: to create a boot that stood apart from the 1460 boot but retained its DNA. While it dawned all of DM’s unmissable, signature details (the 8-eye silhouette, yellow welt stitching, and famous AirWair heel loop), the Jadon boot brought a new characteristic to the table – a platform PVC outsole – which acted a literal and metaphorical platform for a new generation of vibrant, fluid, and fearlessly self-expressive fashion. The formidable Quad sole instantly attracted a growing subculture of alternative wearers in search of bold and loud style and, in turn, cemented itself in countless blogs and digital mood boards timed to the great social media boom. However, nowhere was it more ardently adopted than in the music community as it became a symbol of bold non-conformity on stages and festival grounds around the world. Today, the Jadon boot’s powerful presence is not only distinguished by its countless organic celebrity supporters – ranging from Machine Gun Kelly to Olivia Rodrigo and Bella Hadid – but due to its catapulting of the platform boot category as a whole, which has rapidly grown to become a favorite statement accessory for Gen-Z and the experimental mainstream.

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