Etnies Brings Back MC RAP Shoe with Trevor McClung Colorway

Etnies MC Rap
Photo courtesy of Etnies

Etnies has officially brought back one of its most requested classics, the MC RAP, returning in a Trevor McClung colorway and skate part.

The MC RAP is one of etnies’ most timeless silhouettes. This shoe changed the footwear game in the early ‘90s as an early creation from the mind of etnies owner Pierre-Andreě Senizergues. The MC RAP eliminated the bulky rubber ollie pads from shoes that preceded it and was a lot sleeker while maintaining its functionality.

Once released, the shoes became an instant hit with many top pros skating at that time. In addition to being popular with skaters, the RAP permeated the music, art and celebrity scenes, which, in turn, projected skate culture into broader culture. This opportunity gave etnies the chance to invest back into skateboarding, team riders and the community. Thirty years after its initial release, etnies is proud to announce the return of the MC RAP in the Trevor McClung white/green colorway.

“When etnies approached me about a new colorway, I wanted to go above and beyond for it,” McClung said. “I’ve been skating with Alex Kissinger around the streets of LA a lot, so filming a video part with him was a no brainer for my colorway. But with both of our busy schedules, we only started filming in January for it. To make the most out of the little time we had, I created a list of spots I’ve been eyeing, and each weekend Alex and I would try to check off that list.”

“The white and green for this colorway were inspired by being outdoors,” McClung said. “The white represents the clouds in the sky and the green is the trees that grow tall to touch them.”

The Etnies MC Rap collection is available now at

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