Vans Creates Ultimate Utility Shoe: The Slip-On Mule TRK

Vans Slip-On Mule TRK
Photo courtesy of Vans

Vans has unveiled the next generation of its first-ever fully rinsable shoe, the Slip-On Mule TRK. Continuing the tradition of functional innovation, Vans Surf has updated the Slip-On TRK in a mule style, combining the do-anything mentality with an “Off the Wall” design aesthetic.

The Slip-On Mule TRK continues the idea that surf-inspired footwear can be aesthetically appealing and high-performance.

Created as a partner for the Slip-On TRK, the new Mule version provide 360-degree functionality for the modern surfer as they journey to and from the surf. Made with a single-piece TPU molded upper, the Slip-On Mule TRK is engineered with a softer durometer TPU for a roomier fit.

Other design updates include:

  • Deeper lug centers for mechanical cushioning
  • New herringbone texture and increased ground contact 
  • New lug angle, engineered to help reduce and promote the expulsion of debris
  • Extended lug gutters for enhanced water shedding

The Vans Slip-On Mule TRK collection is available now at Vans Surf retail locations and

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