Reebok Brings Back 1990s Basketball Sneaker, The Blast

Reebok The Blast

In spring of 1996, Reebok introduced its Mobius Collection, a dramatic group of high-performance athletic shoes that share a unique design theme of continuous motion. Mobius would create a visual frequency across the brand that made a statement on courts, fields, and in gyms across the world.

One of the most polarizing ‘silhouettes in this late ‘90s collection was “The Blast,” a disruptive basketball shoe described by the brand in unique fashion: “The Blast’s positive/negative asymmetrical design brings the left and right foot together in a way no other shoe has.”

For 2023, over 25 years later, The Blast remains one of the most compelling and historic basketball sneakers to ever hit the hardwood… and it returns this week.

Reebok is bringing back the sneaker in the same form as the original.

“The Blast” is available now at, Hibbet, and Snipes, among other select retailers.