Bam Marley for Akomplice x Umbro | Peace 195 Collection

Akomplice x Umbro

Four years ago, on the precipice of the 2018 World Cup, Akomplice and Umbro linked up for the Perception Manifests Reality collection. Now, they’re back for the highly anticipated follow-up, Peace 195.

The motivation for the collection is world peace as represented by the world’s flags that adorn the garments. This collaboration marks the first time Umbro has used organic cotton and recycled polyester in their manufacturing. Sustainability has long been a pillar of the Akomplice ideology, with the understanding that protecting the planet helps protect its people, which in turn helps create a more peaceful world.

Fútbol was chosen as the vehicle to deliver this message due to its global popularity and ease of access. Singer-songwriter Bam Marley became the perfect representative to model the Peace 195 collection due to his love of the game and passion for the fashion industry.

“I’ve grown up with the Umbro brand and known it my whole life,” says Bam. “Not only does fútbal and fashion mean a lot to me, I’m proud of the values of peace and love my family represents and I’m excited to extend our legacy of global unity with this collaboration.” Much like his grandfather (Bob Marley) who was a champion of One Love and world peace through music, Bam will be debuting new music from a new generation in his first full-length hip hop and R&B album slated for the coming year.

The collaboration serves up a robust selection of peace-inspired shorts, shirts, pullovers, hats, bags, and even a ball. A number of key symbols are deployed throughout, including The Universal Peace Congress’ multi-colored flag, as well as the dove, both international symbols of peace.

The Akomplice x Umbro collection is available at select boutiques worldwide, including Politics, Shoe Gallery, Concrete, Compound Gallery, and Neighborhood Goods. Check the full range on the Akomplice Webstore, available now.

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