Herschel Supply Debuts Nova Art Project With Limited Edition Miriam Schapiro Collection

Herschel Supply Miriam Schapiro Collection

Herschel Supply Co has officially launched The Nova Art Project, a series of bi-annual partnerships with female artists where Herschel’s signature Nova Backpack becomes a canvas to celebrate women in the arts. The first collection of the Nova Art Project that pays homage to the legacy of Miriam Schapiro, a pioneer of feminist artwork and the Pattern and Decoration movement.

The unapologetically femine Miriam Schapiro for Herschel Supply Collection transforms the Nova Mid-Volume Backpack into two designs inspired by the artist’s famous works:

Pandora’s Box (1983)

Nova Mid-Volume Backpack, $99.99
Hearts, teacups, flowers, and houses. Pandora’s Box connects the multi-patterned use of symbolic shapes seen throughout Schapiro’s work. The elusive print features bright colors, open space and play of patterns that contribute to an overall sense of escapism.

The Beauty of Summer (1973-74)

Nova Mid-Volume Backpack, $99.99
Balancing the light and airy palette of Pandora’s Box, the Beauty of Summer features a diverse bouquet of florals, patterns, bright colors, and contrasting shapes that come together to create a sundry assortment. 

The limited Miriam Schapiro Collection is priced at $99.99 and is available exclusively online at Herschel.com and at Herschel Supply stores.

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