Top 7 Innovations Transforming the iGaming Industry

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The iGaming industry is developing at a frantic pace. What you read today may not be relevant tomorrow, and that’s almost not an exaggeration. Competition is fierce, with companies constantly looking for a way to differentiate. 

2023 will undoubtedly bring some exciting changes and transformative technologies. We’ve already seen some exciting developments that are changing how we experience the iGaming industry. 

These are the top 7 innovations you should look forward to this coming year. 

The Use of Big Data 

In recent years, ‘Big Data’ has been ever-present in the news. And for good reason, companies like Facebook not exactly looking like heroes for how they leverage our information for their gain. 

But Big Data isn’t always a bad thing. Developers, providers, and publishers are using third-party data applications, with the Gaming Innovation Group as an example, to figure out how to release games that we will love. Expect this trend to reach its apex in the coming years, with the option of analyzing and collecting data on the upswing. 

The number of duds is on a downturn in the industry, and much of that is because companies often know what we’ll like better than we do. And as long as our gaming experience is enhanced and our data is respected, this is a good development. 

Immersive Gaming 

VR and AR technologies are now officially in the big leagues. The tech used to be ‘interesting’, but not a viable gaming experience. Laggy, cumbersome, suboptimal graphics. Not quite what we were promised in our favorite movies from the 1980s. 

But today? It’s finally happening. iGaming has now started to see the massive potential in VR/AR devices, with some casinos already offering players the walk around the casino floor. With the many live dealers already in place, the casino experience is as good (if not better!) as going there in person. 

So what can we expect going forward? Bigger, better, more affordable. And more mainstream casinos joining in on the outrageous potential VR and AR can offer the iGaming experience. 

Blockchain + iGaming = Finally? 

Crypto isn’t doing very well right now. Over 50% of Bitcoin wallets are in the red zone. We forgive you for thinking that it’s a fad with no future, or that the crypto winter will be long and difficult. 

But the technology hasn’t changed, even if the price action is negative. And developers are churning out blockchain solutions that are already having transformative effects on the industry. 

Just look at what Microsoft (ever heard of them?) is doing with Azure Heroes, which rewards contributors with blockchain-driven assets. With NFT technology, users can receive assets that are 100% unique to them

And that’s just one example. Crypto can also ensure rewards are owned by players, not companies. In-game cryptos can be swapped for real-cash stablecoins. Or to purchase items securely. 

4K Resolution 

It’s a little bit more technical, but it’s an important development that’s helping iGaming play catch-up to our televisions and monitors. Once you go 4K, it’s very difficult to go back to anything lower quality… 

Compared to 4K, HD looks like a blurry mess from the dino age. And many live casinos don’t even deliver HD quality right now. It takes away from the feeling of ‘being there when the dealer’s face starts disappearing into an unidentifiable blob.  

But with the way 4K and our internet speeds are going, there is a lot of scope for iGaming here. Expect to see sharper images, greater quality slots and live rendering, and an overall improved gaming experience. 


We all love that hologram of Leia asking Obi-Wan for help. You may not be a Jedi or the galaxy’s only hope, but hologram technology is now a real thing, not just a sci-fi invention. 

It’s still in its infancy, all things considered, but just have a look at what Microsoft is doing with HoloLens. If you can’t get excited about the possibilities this technology offers iGaming, we don’t know what to tell ya. 

Top tip: watch the developments in tabletop holographic games in particular. The makers of Settlers of Catan already have something in development, and just imagine what that same technology can do for games like roulette or blackjack. 

What About the Metaverse?

The transition is complete: Facebook has changed its stock market symbol to META, replacing the ever-familiar FB. The social media giant introduced many of us to the concept of the metaverse. 

Most see it as just a gimmick, a Zuckerberg creation that reflects his obvious oddities. Our final entry is still the metaverse, Facebook haters or not. There’s a future in this tech, and gaming companies are certainly not falling behind.

While the concept and execution are still in their infancy, we have big hopes for how the metaverse can enhance our iGaming experience. It’s not quite here just yet, but keep your finger on the virtual pulse.