Driven Launches Weedwaves Hyper-Local Cannabis App 


Weedwaves app

Driven (OTC: DRVD) announced today the launch of weedwaves, the app for cannabis enthusiasts. What differentiates this app from all the other weed apps out there is the local deals section. Weedwaves’ members have access to exclusive deals and savings on the things they shop for every day, like pizza, oil changes, concert tickets and more. 

An infinite number of brands, newsfeeds, current events and discounts streamline into one app – a primary destination for the busy, modern cannabis consumer. 

The app is broken out into four main categories: news, deals, social, cannabis (explore), each serving a distinct purpose.

NEWS: Read and learn about news and events relating to the cannabis industry – it aggregates and updates stories in real-time. Unlike Google feed, users can refresh as often as desired with new results. 

DEALS: Members will save money on the products and services they purchase regularly. The best part is, when location services are activated, weedwaves will find the best hyper-local bargains.

SOCIAL: Favorite brands and products (including Driven) appear on the weedwaves social feed. The coolest feature of the social category is personalized content via #weedwaves.

CANNABIS: Explore products, deals, and brands powered by Driven’s brand ganjarunner, a California-based, premier adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana delivery service, acquired in the early Summer. 

An updated version weedwaves is launching in mid-November. weedwaves 2.0 will bring exciting new features that will enable consumers to pool orders together to achieve more considerable savings. Ganja-Bundles will feature a highly curated selection of products grouped for significant savings. Additionally, users will be able to link their choice of online retailers accounts such as ganjarunner to track purchases, earn points and participate in special promotions. 

To get started, download weedwaves on iOS or Android and quickly create a profile. Weedwaves will regularly offer its users new features and updates.  


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