Stranger Things & Quiksilver Drop New Capsule for Season 4

Quiksilver and Stranger Things take to the waves to get in some Strange Surfing.

Season 4 is out now, and with it comes some great new merch. Stranger Things season 4 will be split up into two parts premiering May 27th for volume 1 and volume 2 comes out July 1st, and with the release of several parts come multiple drops.

Quiksilver will drop multiple capsule collections throughout the season,
delivering a nostalgic throwback to the brand’s surf-inspired ’80s era while integrating
elements from the Stranger Things 4 storyline. Whether you’re looking to zip to the store to pick up some pizza, or hitting the tides to catch some waves, there’s a little something for everybody. So join the Hellfire Club to explore the Upside Down or Surfer Boy Pizza, go ahead and gear up now.

The collection is live now and can be purchased here.

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