éS footwear Introduces the éS Hi 5

éS Hi 5

No they didn’t. Did they?!

éS footwear has pioneered technical skate footwear since 1995. Today, on April 1, they introduce a revolutionary NEW footwear technology that borrows from the past and bleeds from the future: the Hi 5.

The toe-tally™ amazing “éS HI 5” is here. Built for extreme Gorilla Grip™ Techniques within the Concrete Jungles of the world, the brand believes that skateboarding will never be the same again.

“The Technology in these shoes is absolutely bananas” said Pro Skateboarder, Mathew “Shmatty” Chaffin. “Starting from today Skateboarding has evolved from Pop to Hop and it aint gonna stop™”

Tech features include:

  • Gorilla Grip Technology™
  • Vegan (LacTOEs Free)
  • Minimum Ollie Protection
  • Advanced Anatomical 5 Toe Grip
  • Toe Drag Enhancement (TDE)
  • Mittenless™ Technology

The New éS HI 5 will be available at your local skate shops and eSskateboarding.com so hop to the shop and leave that pop at the door.

Crytoe Currency accepted.

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