Reebok Issues Question Low “Blueprint”

Reebok Question Low Blueprint

Reebok has confirmed a May 20 release for its Question Low “Blueprint”, sporting a colorway that nods to Iverson’s multi-generational impact.

Standing just 6’0”, Allen Iverson entered the pros in the mid-1990s, and would change the culture of basketball and sports. His unmatched energy, viscous crossover move, and unapologetic attitude would set new standards for athleticism, character, and style for generations to come.

Issued for “AI” that season upon his rookie debut, Reebok’s Question sneaker underlined the moment when everything changed.

With an all-over blue treatment, elevated sockliner, and a smooth nubuck and suede upper, the Question Low “Blueprint” celebrates Allen Iverson and the next generation writing their own story, on and off the court.

Reebok’s Question Low “Blueprint” drops May 20 from and select retailers.

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