Billionaire Boys Club Dropps Winter 2021 Collection

BBC Winter 2021

Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club brand has delivered its new Winter 2021 collection, dubbed “Heart, Mind, Body, Earth”.

Inspired by the writings of Alan Watts, a philosopher who studied both Eastern and Western ideologies, the new collection focuses on deconstructing the idea of interconnectedness with all things in the Universe.

Highlighting a phrase first introduced to BBC in Spring 2019, “SEEK INNER PEACE”, this reoccurring theme focuses on the idea that mindfulness, meditation, and exercise can all lead to a greater perception of reality. Our collective actions can alter the future of this planet. These concepts of personal wellness are juxtaposed with illustrations of planets and the universe around them.

In the campaign imagery, we see a nod to visionary artist Nam Jun Paik whose work was a pioneer in bridging video, technology, sculpture and art. The exploration of themes such as East vs West, and future vs past are both prominent themes within the collection.

Hero pieces such as the BB STARDUST jacket which was inspired by the 1950s Sukajan jacket, incorporate design details such as soft brushed velvet, intricate embroideries and embellishments inspired by the seasonal graphics. Other key pieces include the BB VINTAGE ARCH hoodie inspired by a vintage 2-ply hoodie with a sun-faded wash and the BB STARRY NIGHT Coat, a knee-length double-breasted tailored coat that is fabricated with Melton wool and combines classic tailoring with streetwear styling motifs.

BBC Winter 2021 Delivery 1 is available now at, at the BBC ICECREAM NYC Flagship and Miami pop-up.

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