Lexus Updates the LC 500 Convertible For 2022

2022 LC 500 Convertible

After delivering the all new LC 500 Convertible to dealerships in 2020, the LC Convertible returns for 2022 with updated suspension tuning and a more focused color palette, featuring nine exterior colors.

For 2022, careful attention was given to the LC Convertible’s suspension, which is tuned specifically to complement the subtle changes in weight between the coupe and convertible. It boasts dampers, coils, bushings and a unique Yamaha performance damper placed at the rear to help ensure comfortable, yet sharp, road-going performance. There’s also been a reduction weight in the front suspension to improve the overall stroke, as well as the use of lightweight die-cast aluminum for the construction of the suspension tower brace.

There’s also been tuning of the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to complement the convertible as well. It continually adjusts damping control in response to driving operation and road surface conditions, with the ability to adjust to an impressive 650 different levels of damping force.

2022 LC 500 Convertible
2022 LC 500 Convertible

The LC Convertible comes standard with 20-inch cast alloy wheels, and 20-inch forged wheels are also available, as well as an upgrade to large-diameter 21-inch forged wheels all with run-flat tires.

The Convertible top is offered in two colors: Black and Sand. The exterior color palette has been refined for 2022 and includes Ultra White, Atomic Silver, Smoky Granite Mica, Caviar, Infrared, Flare Yellow, Nightfall Mica, Nori Green Pearl and Cadmium Orange*. Depending upon the exterior color chosen, three interior colors are available: Black, Circuit Red and Toasted Caramel.

The 2022 LC 500 Convertible will carry a price tag of $101,100 and is expected to arrive in dealerships in late 2021.

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