VPN: A Guide to Which VPN You Should Get and Why

Photo by Dan Nelson from Pexels

The increasing use of VPNs worldwide has brought with it an ever-growing selection of services that offer you the best option for the very many reasons you might be looking to use them.

Previously the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) might have been considered too technical or perhaps liable to lead to your computer or device being riddled with viruses, luckily those days are long gone.

To help you select the right VPN for the right purposes, we’ve come up with a handy guide that should help point you in the correct direction.

Best VPN for Watching your Favorite Shows

The use of VPNs is most prevalent when it comes to trying to access certain streaming services that could be geo-blocked or simply offering different content for different regions. 

Perhaps you wish to use Disney+ and don’t reside in the US, or maybe your favorite movie is showing on Netflix outside your locality, no problem, a VPN will help bring you one step closer to viewing pleasure.

We’d recommend using ExpressVPN for this purpose as they tend to always be one step ahead of the relevant streaming companies when it comes to updating their IP. 

Basically streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, tend to block the IPs of VPN services and as such some of these tend to be out of the picture from time to time, with ExpressVPN this is less frequent.

ExpressVPN is also one of the most robust services when it comes to security, offering you real protection from any potential viral attacks.

Best VPN for Watching Sports

Maybe the big match isn’t showing in your country or requires you to pay a large fee in order to watch, don’t worry, a VPN will help you navigate such issues and is a common reason customers look to locate a VPN service.

NordVPN may be the best option in these circumstances as their fast and reliable servers keep the streams running at the required speed, therefore not only providing you access to the big sporting events but also shows them in the best quality possible. 

After all, what good is it to find a VPN that gets you access to the sporting event of the decade if it then cuts out at the crucial moment!

Best VPN for Music Streaming

Another of the common reasons people elect to sign-up for their first VPN package is to more easily access music streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music et al. Additionally in some cases using a VPN to alter your location can help you avoid being bombarded by adverts in between every song you listen to.

In our view the best VPN provider for music streaming, especially when it comes to Spotify, would be PureVPN.

SurfEasy is a good choice to consider for these needs. This American/Canadian based provider has servers all over the world and is fast and easy to use. It’s hassle free and one of our favorites in the market.

There are a ton of good options in this niche and you might want to check this link to find out more. You will find that some providers work well with certain streaming services, i.e. some are far more vigilant when it comes to checking the IP of VPN providers, so much so that from time to time access will be blocked, until the relevant VPN service updates to a new IP. 

Best VPN for Secure Internet Access

Whereas the previous instances outlined above were more in relation to your enjoyment of a given service, some opt to use a VPN simply for security purposes and in this regard we can well see the benefit of doing so.

Perhaps you are accessing the internet via what might be deemed an insecure manner, perhaps in a coffee shop or an internet hub, and as such you want that additional layer of security that you can get by running via a VPN service.

For this we’d suggest the use of ExpressVPN as they offer AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which keeps your devices protected from pretty much all traditional viruses and hacks. 

It’s the same level of encryption adopted by the US government and when you also factor in that ExpressVPN is the most popular brand on the market, you can well see the reasons for using their service for this purpose.

Best VPN for Online Banking

When we think about the most potentially damaging information you could have compromised, while using your mobile or desktop devices, then traditionally this would relate to your online banking activity. 

The dangers of such an attack are very real and it’s an area where many opt to use a trusted VPN service to give that additional tranche of protection. 

SurfShark is a good choice for this purpose as they offer an automatic block on suspicious websites that are designed to scam you. Their suite of services is pretty much ideally suited for breaches of this nature and having access to servers in 65 countries offers an extra buffer that should help to keep your banking information, and transactions, as safe as possible.