Konami Announces “eFootball”, a Free-To-Play Football Game

Konami eFootball

Konami has announced eFootball™, an all-new football simulation platform from the makers of PES and Winning Eleven.

Free-to-play and completely rebuilt in Unreal Engine, eFootball is set to launch worldwide first on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

The title represents a fresh approach for the long-running franchise, previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven.

“Starting with the strong foundations of Unreal® Engine, which has allowed us to massively overhaul player expression, we’ve made a number of modifications to virtually create a new football game engine that will power eFootball™ for years to come,” said Seitaro Kimura, eFootball series Producer at Konami Digital Entertainment. “With the added power of new-generation consoles and by working closely with elite footballers, eFootball™ delivers our most tense and realistic gameplay to date. We’ll share specific gameplay details next month, so stay tuned.”

Thanks to the greatly evolved football game engine, the animation system has also been overhauled. New technology called “Motion Matching” converts the vast range of movements that players make on the pitch into a series of animations, selecting the most accurate one in real-time. The system provides more than four times as many animations as before, achieving highly realistic movement. “Motion Matching” will be utilized across all eFootball™ platforms, including last-gen consoles, PCs and mobile.

As a digital-only title, KONAMI will regularly add new content and game modes after launch this Fall. Local matches featuring FC Barcelona, Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United and others will be available, for free, at launch. In the future, certain game modes will be sold as optional DLC, giving players the freedom to build an experience that follows their interests.

eFootball is slated to launch this fall. For more info, visit Konami.com.

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