Here’s What Makes These Golden Goose Super Shoes

Golden Goose shoes

Sneakers are intended to be kept box-fresh, right? Well, you’re mistaken. For every sneakerhead nervously navigating their way through life—dodging puddles and wincing when somebody threads on their toes—more others are more than happy to wear the same pair of sneakers for each activity.

As strange as it may sound for others, sneakers are made to be worn and kept in a pile gathering in the hallway.

However, there is another group going a step further by buying their sneakers pre-distraught. The brand that has become the de facto leader of that drive is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. In a refreshing change from the unspoiled sneakers, which appear closer to ornaments than old friends like your most used Converses, the Italian sneaker company distresses its offerings to look shabby in from the set go.

Introducing the Golden Goose Shoes

Golden Goose is an Italian sneaker brand that has gone from Venice to Los Angeles. They were launched in 2000 by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo with a focus on handcrafted distressed-looking sneakers.

You will see shoes with fake scuffs, mismatched patches, and even fake dirt marks. The brand takes its Italian tradition and turns it on its head. Rather than the perfect artistry you expect with an Italian brand, Golden Goose sneakers come out of the box looking like somebody has already worn them.

Did you know the Golden Goose shoes are designed in Venice but globally inspired? Every silhouette from Golden Goose was created to capture the experiences and stories from all across the globe and convey them aesthetically.

You can take their “Superstar” signature model that combines scuff marks that you might acquire from shredding bowls in downtown LA on your skateboard. It has a shape of a vintage basketball sneaker, but it also looks like something your favorite indie band might have worn to death on tour.

You see, that’s what makes the Golden Goose shoes very unique—the reality that any pair induces memories by bygone eras, the birth of cross-Atlantic music scenes, or travel abroad of iconic periods in sport.

As troubled as they may be, you will find a technique behind the madness with such shoes. A Golden Goose sneaker has the same levels of artistry seen in the loafers and Derbies of your cherished high-end Italian fashion house. That’s because these shoes are handmade by Italian artisans with generations of knowledge and expertise in cobbling. These are very traditional but highly modern as well.

On top of that, the unique flaws that come with handcrafted items add to every sneaker’s distinct charm and soul.

Golden Goose creates sneakers that are designed to improve your life instead of taking it over. They are of the highest quality, but you don’t feel as if you need to be precious over them. Keep in mind that these hoes are designed to be beaten up and made your own. Do you feel like you are ready to embrace flaws and imperfection with these Golden Goose shoes?

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