Pangeaux Digs Internally On Smooth New Single “Living Room”

If there is anything that Kentucky’s Pangeaux’s music does, it makes you think (& hit a nice two-step/sway). On his newest record, “Living Room,” the young wonder continues his introspective nature seen on his previous single “Pressure.” However, this time, he allows all of his thoughts to form while sitting on a couch, in the living room.

Released Wednesday (Apr. 14), the smooth, self-written record, produced by both James Heaton & Pangeaux himself, tells a story from beginning to end. While in a rather… stimulated state of mind, he reflects on the worries that stir inside of his mind. Continuing to be open and vulnerable, Pangeaux even hints at thoughts of trying therapy. As he lays his confessions out through his pen, he rebuilds and restrengthens himself.

His reflective state allows him to cherish the present as it pertains to people, experiences, and moments in his life. He takes this moment to relay the meaningful message of truly being in the moment, not taking any experience for granted, and most importantly… getting OFF your phone and witnessing life in front of you.

“And when I was young, I felt the pressure

Yeah, but who would have known it’d make me fresher, than yesterday

So cherish everything, before it’s too late

Before it’s too late and we’re all gone

Just show some love to everyone you’ve known.

And get off your phone.”

The thought-provoking lyricism intensifies as Pangeaux looks back to when friends of his called him Mexican due to the darkness of his skin. While unable to understand why these “friends” try to make him feel down and berate him on elements he can’t control, he allows the confusion and pain to turn into something greater than himself. He has no problem speaking on anything that occurs within his life and that makes him so attractive to many listeners.

As the track nears the end, Pangeaux not only again acknowledges both his faults and past actions, but he asks the Lord to forgive him and he repents. Through his wrongdoings, he is able to free himself from the mental stress that tries to enslave his mind. He allows his vulnerabilities to ignite his passions and generate meaningful music that resonates with all who listen.

If unfamiliar with the artist, his flow is very laid back yet moving. Channeling the energy of artists such as Bryson Tiller and even Travis Scott in different ways, he meshes the genres of both Hip-Hop & R&B in a way that is pleasing to both the core and the ear. Along with this, the young talent’s pen game is very strong as well as his artistic ear to production.

Much like a fine wine aging with time, Pangeaux’s skill enhances with each track he releases. You can stream Pangeaux’s “Living Room” here and on all other platforms.

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