Future Shares New Visual for “Worst Day” Single

It’s safe to say that Future is happy now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone. With his first release of the year, Mr. Hendrix declares the day of love as the “worst” day for him. The new single marks his first solo release since 2020’s “Tycoon” single. Released on Friday (Feb. 11), the smooth, poetic “Worst Day” finds Future dreading Valentine’s Day due to his extravagant lifestyle, and turbulent ways with money.

Valentine’s Day, the worst day, got too many to please

I popped half a pain pill, and put my mind at ease

I bought you all these gifts, tearin’ your heart all in pieces

Try to pass out new whips, yeah, but all you want is me

Future – Worst Day

Future has never been one to be shy with showering his women with decorative, rich gifts. From handbags and cars to clothes, jewelry, roses, and more, Future Hendrix delivers a luxury experience like no other when dating and pursuing romantic interests. In his therapy-styled visual, Future sits with the controversial Kevin Samuels sharing about this costly addiction. After naming some of his favorite lavish brands, Samuels asks Future how much he spends on his women, to which he shares, “about 2 or 3… million (dollars).” He dives deeper telling Samuels that every time he encounters a beautiful woman, he feels this necessary obligation to spoil them and excessively splurge on them.

As the video continues, Future is asked about the last time he engaged in such activity, and viewers ride along with Future throughout his various expensive, chaotic shopping sprees.

While he has been relatively quiet in terms of his own releases, Future has still been ringing throughout the streets. Recently, he’s appeared on Gunna’s DS4Ever, and Nardo Wick’s Who Is Nardo Wick? If that wasn’t enough, the 38-year-old will also executive produce Kanye West’s Donda 2, set to release later this month.

Although there is no specific timeline for when Future will drop his next project, Mr. Hendrix has definitely been in the lab working.

Watch the video for Future’s “Worst Day” above or stream the song below.