Pangeaux Gets Reflective on New Single “Pressure”

From everchanging stay-at-home orders to restrictive cautionary outdoor limitations, the world has been placed on a long intermission. Because of this, many have been able to take time and self reflect. These themes of introspection, soul-searching, and self-analysis also have intensified throughout the very music we encounter. With no outside distractions, artists have been able to truly hone in on their crafts and garner motivation both internally and externally.

On Pangeaux’s newest single, “Pressure,” he looks inside of himself. He desires to alleviate the mental burdens that disrupt his peace. Released Wednesday (Feb. 3), “Pressure” finds the new artist thinking out loud over spacey, haunting production, about the abundance of issues that weigh heavily on his mind and heart. Like many, these undesired thoughts always attempt to arrive in times of solitude. Using his own truths, Pangeaux tells this story of mishandling and losing love due to his own faults. This loss inspires him to not only create this song but to take accountability for his shortcomings.

A relatable tune for many, the Kentucky artist acknowledges his flaws when it comes to commitment and love.

“But you can’t admit when you’re wrong

Only when it’s said and done

That you feel ashame

That you take the blame

(But now you can’t)

Now you can’t rest your soul.”

Pangeaux – pressure

As the song continues, he sings about his cold heart and what he let go of. However, instead of dwelling in his misery and despair, he makes it clear that he will not let these feelings swirl inside of him for too long. Pangeaux knows that he has to be better for himself. He makes it personal emphasizing he has to prove that he can do it all. In the same breath, he ponders on knowing who to trust and who to keep within his life and circle.

Very somber and melancholic, Pangeaux creates a soothing, thought-stimulating melody. The lyricism is emotive, passionate, and relatable. His voice is soft and mild as he compassionately sings about this foregoing pressure he wishes to alleviate.

With truthful storytelling and his melodic charm, Pangeaux is just another example that the future of R&B (and music overall) lies within solid hands.

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