Three Teams Chasing the NBA Title

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The NBA league stopped after the COVID-19 pandemic, and at the moment, the fans can only watch videos of old games. For every true basketball lover, it not a big consolation.

Playoff race was just beginning to heat up, and the teams who were chasing the postseason were catching their top form. The intensity of the game was at a much higher level than before the All-Star break, and every contest had a playoff poise. Simply, the stakes were much higher now.

In the moment of the suspension, three teams stood above others when talking about the chances for the title. The Milwaukee Bucks led the way at 9/4, Los Angeles Lakers were next 5/2, followed by the Los Angeles Clippers ate 3/1. Far behind these crews sat the Houston Rockets at 12/1, the Denver Nuggets 16/1, and the duo from the Eastern Conference, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers at 18/1. Seek more odds by exploring the list of the best online bookies in 2020.

As you can see it for yourself, teams from the West (apart from the Bucks) have better prospects of taking the Larry O’Brien trophy. The most recent free agency saw the majority of superstars concentrating in the top teams of the Western Conference. Likes of Kawhi, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, all these players are playing for one of the title contenders.

Lakers have LeBron and AD, and that makes them the most attractive to watch, but there are some doubts about whether they have the best team. It seems that their roster is a bit thinner than the Clippers’. Doc Rivers has a fantastic bench, capable of annihilating any defense in the league, and that is, in fact, what separated this team from all others.

Meanwhile, the purple and gold tend to rely upon their super-duo a bit more than they should. Yet, when LBJ and Davis start rolling, there isn’t a defense in the world that might stop them. The only thing questionable is their stamina after an exhausting season. Right now, they don’t have the proper replacements, but anyway, the bookies think that Lakers have better chances to win the Western Conference.

The LAL is at 6/4, while the Clippers stand at 19/10. The Rockets come next 7/1, and the Nuggets after them 12/1. Utah might be a dark horse, and Quinn Snyder’s crew already showed us that they have excellent potential. Bookies set their odds at 14/1, and Dallas with Doncic is behind the Jazzers, 20/1.

The situation with the Bucks is pretty clear. They have the reigning MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is unreal and surrounded by numerous veterans perfectly aware of their capabilities. And also, all these guys are able to destroy from various positions, so it is no wonder why Milwaukee sits first in the standings.

Houston is trying to surprise everyone with an unusual small-ball basketball philosophy and hopes that the two former MVPs can lead them all the way with their individual quality. Bookis are stationing them in odds of 16/1 to succeed.

Now once mentioning the MVP award, all the bookies believe that the Greek Freak will win back-to-back honors.

Right now, he is at the top of the list with 1/3, followed by LeBron at 2/1. After some time, it was obvious that these two would have a race of their own. Luka Doncic, the young star who might take over the league pretty soon, is third with 16/1, James Harden sits at 20/1, Anthony Davis 50/1, Damian Lillard 80/1, the same as Kawhi Leonard.

So, all in all, we can expect furious battles in the future, with several teams aiming the title. And that is something which would make everything even more enjoyable.

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