Rising Boxing Star Brandun Lee Talks Fighting in Top 15 & Fashion

Brandun Lee
via Scurfield Group / Brandun Lee

Rising boxing star Brandun Lee remained undefeated in late April, when he won a unanimous decision over Zachary Ochoa at AT&T Stadium in the DFW area of Texas.

It was a dominating win for Lee, though it did break his 15-fight knockout streak he was on, but it showed his growth. The 23-year-old completely dominated Ochoa from start to finish.

His record is now 25-0 with 22 knockouts.

Before Lee’s fight, we caught up with the fighter to get his thoughts on Ochoa, his future, and his fashion sense.

You’re putting your undefeated record on the line against Zachary Ochoa. What problems, if any, does Ochoa pose?

I personally feel like Zachary Ochoa does not pose any problems for me. I have fought against better opposition in the amateurs and have definitely sparred with better opposition. For this training camp, my main sparring partner was Shakhram Giyasov, a 2016 silver medalist for the Olympics.

In your last fight, both you and your father were not happy with your performance, even though it ended in a KO. What adjustments have you made and what are you taking from that and bringing into this fight?

The errors I made in my last fight are a bit confidential. Only my father and I know about those errors… but let’s just say those small errors could be a problem once I start facing the top 10 guys in the division.

What are your goals for 2022, and who do you have your sights set on in the future?

Once I’m victorious this Saturday, I would like to fight two more times this year and also would like to start attacking the top 15 guys in my division.

You’re a young guy with fashion sense. I see you rock a variety of sneakers, from Jordans to Yeezys to Gucci. What are your favorite go-to sneakers?

I have over 30 pairs of shoes. Thousands of dollars worth, and out of all of them, I like to wear my white Gucci Slides. They’re comfortable, easy to put on, and quite nice looking. I actually have two pairs of the same exact ones.

Do you have any favorite brands at the moment or working on anything in fashion?

I do not have any favorite brands at the moment, but I must say I do like the high end brands that aren’t loud. Amiri, Dior, Celine. I like the subtle things.

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