Kevin Durant Reaches 24,000 Career Points

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With his 24,000th point, Kevin Durant is close to entering into an elite circle of the 25 top point scorers in NBA history. Currently sitting at #26 on the all-time leading scorer list, Durant isn’t far off from breaking into the top 25. Currently, the next person in his way is Allen ‘The Answer’ Iverson who scored a total of 24,368 points in his career. If KD can keep playing the way he is, he is on track to pass the next four leading scorers in front of him and which would see him knock Reggie Miller, one of the best three-point shooters of all time out of the 21st spot. This is a massive feat in itself but would see KD ready to work his way into the top 20 for the 22/23 season next year.

What’s The Big Deal?

If you consider how many players are in the NBA every year, even being in the top 25 for the year is quite the achievement. Now, if you take all the NBA players in the history of the game, getting into the top 25 seems even more special. This is truly something that most players will only be able to dream of! Currently, there are only 3 active players in the top 30 scorers of all time which make this even more special for Durant. He currently joins Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James as the only players currently playing in the league to see such an amazing accomplishment. While Durant currently has the least points out of the three, he is quickly closing in with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are an NBA fan, you will understand what this must truly mean to KD.

The odds are definitely in Durant’s favor to easily be one of the top 25 scorers of all time. You can also pretty much bet on the fact he will be a top 20 scorer if he plays at least one more season. If you’re into betting, you can also check out NBA odds to see what the odds are of your team winning their next game. It’s always nice when they are in your favor, but even when they weren’t in KD’s favor, he stayed to his game plan and now, as we can all see, it is paying off for him.

Where Does He Go From Here?

Simply put, he keeps going for the #1 spot! Durant came into the league in the 2007 draft so has been playing for 14 years at this point in his career. If he can play for a couple more years, KD could see himself on the top 10 scorers of all-time list. KD is only just over 3,000 points away from Elvin Hayes who scored a career total of 27,313 and currently holds the #10 spot on the all-time scorer’s list! If KD finishes off this season and has at least two more good seasons in him, he could essentially see himself as one of the top 10 scorers of all time. While I don’t know KD personally, I would imagine that this is in his sights and as it is achievable for him, he must be prepared to do everything he can to make it happen!

Kevin Durant – The Best Player In the NBA?

While this may be a question better left to the experts out there, there is no denying that KD makes a good case to be the best player in the NBA and has done so for the past few years. KD signed with the warriors in 2016 after the Warriors were crowned the NBA Champions. KD and the Warriors then went on to the NBA Championship for the next four years where they won back to back titles in 2017/18. After sustaining an Achilles injury in the 2019 finals and after a bit of drama with Draymond Green, KD decided to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. KD even sat out the whole of the 2019-20 season due to his injury in the 2019 Finals, wanting to make sure he was 100% for his return. This puts it all into perspective on the type of player he is, to be able to sit out a whole season and still be mentioned with the greatest scorers of all time is something that most could only dream of! However, this is what KD has done and there is no denying that since coming back, he is a force to be reckoned with and shows why he deserves to be in the conversation.

 It’s a great time to be an NBA fan and if you are also a fan of Kevin Durant, well then it looks like you are in for a great couple of years! With all he has going on and showing no signs of stopping, it will be interesting to see just how far up that all-time scorer list he manages to make it!

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