A Quick Guide On Melbourne Cup Order Of Entry 2022

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As one of the highest-paying horse racing events worldwide, it’s only fitting that contenders for the Melbourne Cup jump through several hoops to earn a spot. 

In August, 186 thoroughbred owners and trainers expressed their intention to join the Melbourne Cup 2022, 136 of which were domestic entries and 50 from outside the country. A month later, the list had been reduced to 96 and will continue to shrink until it reaches the final field of 24 runners. 

It’s crucial to get updates on the Melbourne Cup’s list of runners to determine the potential top-performing horses. With this information, seasoned punters and enthusiasts can determine possible race outcomes with better chances of success. 

If you’re a novice bettor, don’t worry; you’ll find out more about the Melbourne Cup order of entry updates in this article. Let’s start with understanding what it is.  

What is the Melbourne Cup order of entry? 

You may be intimidated or confused after hearing this term, especially if you haven’t tried punting yet. Put simply, the order of entry is a list of contenders who qualified for Australia’s biggest handicap race or the Melbourne Cup. The list represents the thoroughbreds with the highest winning probabilities, making it a good source for bookmakers and punters alike. 

However, if you don’t know anything about the game, we recommend you to build up your knowledge by checking this video: https://www.youtube.com/c/PuntersAustralia and similar online sources. 

What does the updated Melbourne Cup order of entry look like? 

Based on the information from Melbourne Cup organizer Victoria Racing Club (VRC) released on 15 September, the top five horses include: 

  1. Point Nepean  

The top contender for the 162nd Melbourne Cup earned its place after winning the 2,800-meter Andrew Ramsden Stakes in May. 

  1. Eldar Eldarov 

This thoroughbred is not a stranger to competitions and is, in fact, the winner of Great Britain’s 2022 St. Leger Stakes

  1. Spanish Mission 

Unsurprisingly, this 2021 Melbourne Cup third placer again appears as a strong contender in this year’s race.  

  1. Deauville Legend 

Trained in the United Kingdom, Deauville Legend snagged a position in the top tier of the Melbourne Cup order of entry.  

  1. Gold Trip 

This runner is the strongest competitor of the three horses trained by Ciaron Maher and David Eustace of the USA. Persan and Grand Promenade complete the trio, placing 18th and 22nd, respectively.   

Other notable order of entry placers 

Thoroughbreds Duais, Montefilia,  Hoo Ya Mal, Knights Order, and Loft complete the top ten placers in this year’s order of entry. The Cup’s 2019 winner, Vow and Declare, is also on this year’s list, copping the 62nd spot. 

Other race veterans likely to join the final field include 57th placer Numerian and 58th Inspirational Girl. Meanwhile, last year’s Melbourne Cup winner Verry Elleegant is absent after moving to France. 

How can a runner qualify for the Melbourne Cup’s order of entry? 

Cup organizers rank the horses based on their abilities in the ballot order process. They’ll evaluate each entry and allocate the weights. 

To join the order of entry, thoroughbred owners must pay specific entry and acceptance fees, with final acceptance costs reaching AUD$45,375 for the finals.  

The order of entry goes through a series of revisions. For the Melbourne Cup 2022, the nominations list started with 186 candidates. A few weeks later, on 06 September, the list was narrowed to 97 entries for the first declarations, further reduced to 96 as Dawn Patrol withdrew. The order of entry is further whittled down during the second declarations slated for 27 September, the third declarations on 11 October, and the fourth declarations on 24 October.  

However, a horse can earn a ballot exemption after displaying notable performance in domestic and international horse racing events such as: 

  • The Caulfield Cup 
  • Metropolitan Stakes 
  • Cox Plate 
  • Turnbull Stakes 
  • Lexus Stakes 
  • The Bart Cummings
  • The Andrew Ramsden Stakes 
  • Australian Stayers Challenge 
  • The Arlington Million (US)
  • San Juan Capistrano Handicap (US) 
  • The Doncaster Cup (UK)
  • Irish St. Leger (Ireland)
  • Tenno Sho (Japan) 
  • Sankei Sho (Japan)

The organizers will update the Melbourne Cup order of entry each week leading to the race finals. Punters can analyze the list and study the runners’ performances to improve their sports betting strategies

When is the final field determined? 

The final field of 24 contenders will be announced on Saturday, 29 October, from around 4:30 to 5:00 PM, Australian time. While the ballot order remains the basis for the final field, the Victoria Racing Club and Racing Victoria will have the final decision on the confirmation of runners for the big race.   

The final acceptance happens just hours before the 2022 Melbourne Cup Barrier Draw. The barrier draw is a highly anticipated event shortly before the Cup. For this activity, each entry will randomly pick their horses’ barrier. Whichever number they draw may significantly impact the results of the race. 

Can you bet on the Melbourne Cup order of entry? 

Bookmakers accept wagers for the Melbourne Cup even before the big day on 01 November. However, the odds may shift now and then. 

As of 12 September, the odds are in Deauville Legend’s favor, while Loft and Camorra are tied in second place. Duais, Hoo Ya Mal, Spanish Misson, Eldar Eldarov—all occupying top spots in the order of entry—are also favored to win the 2022 Melbourne Cup. 

Wrap up 

The Melbourne Cup order of entry lists the top contenders for the world’s richest handicap race. As it undergoes several changes in the weeks leading up to the big race, enthusiasts and bettors must keep their eyes peeled to know the potential race winners from the final field of 24.