Spalding Introduces New TF Line of Performace Basketballs With Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard x Spalding

Iconic basketball brand Spalding has introduced a new TF® line of performance basketballs alongside brand ambassador/NBA star Damian Lillard.

In 1937, Spalding introduces its first “Last Bilt™” stitchless, laceless, and perfectly balanced basketball. Shortly after, the ball was given the name Top-Flite 100™ and became the first ball in what is now the Spalding® TF® line. The first TF® basketball’s construction changed the game, and was later adopted by the Olympics, NCAA, Basketball Hall of Fame, and many others. The premium Horween® leather cover of the Top-Flite 100™ is what led to Spalding’s first NBA game ball in 1983.

The game was changed again in 1992 by Spalding, when they introduced the first-ever basketball made with composite leather material called the TF-1000™. This made the game more accessible to all players. Since its inception, the Spalding® TF® line has set the pace in basketball innovation, from ball construction to quality materials.

Today, the TF® line is made for use, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to its rubber, composite leather, and genuine leather basketball options.

“Each basketball in the Spalding® TF® line is designed with the athlete’s performance at the forefront of our innovation,” said Tadd Reilly, Spalding Vice President of Marketing, Global Basketball. “From exclusive materials to the Spalding® Shooter’s Seam construction, Spalding® TF® basketballs are engineered so you can play your best at any level of competition, anytime, and anywhere.”

To roll out the new TF line, Spalding® tapped Lillard, who has been with the brand since 2016, to be the face of the TF® basketball campaign. From the playground to the court, Dame used Spalding® TF® basketballs throughout his basketball journey, as a kid through to professional leagues.

“Since my childhood in Oakland, Spalding® TF® basketballs have played a significant role in my basketball journey,” said Damian Lillard. “From the moment you pick up a Spalding® TF® ball, you can tell it’s just built different – from the grip to the quality of the material. I’m excited to continue to work with Spalding to create the best basketballs in the world.”

The core TF® line of basketballs, ranging in price from $24.99 to $149.99, is available at and select retailers starting today, with more coming later this year.

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