True Ballers: 12-Year-Old Twin Prodigy Soccer Stars Make Magic in Whistle Series

Vidal Twins 'No Days Off'

In fresh Whistle series, ‘No Days Off,’ twin sisters, Gabi and Dani Vidal already have aspirations for making the U.S. Women’s National Team…at 12-years-old!

Completely embracing what seems to be both a rigorous and disciplined training schedule, Gabi and Dani describe what it’s like to sacrifice many aspects of their otherwise ‘normal’ childhood to pursue their dreams with the complete support of their family.

Moving from Texas to Florida in order to focus on their training regimen with a host of ex-players and pro’s, the ease with which these girls seem to have adapted to what can only be described as an elite soccer lifestyle, is mind-boggling. Whether on video-chat with their dad – who is back in Texas while the girls train – or completing the usual laundry list of chores required by their mother, these girls don’t flinch when it comes to elaborating upon what makes their journey so unique and so personal.

‘All I want for my sister, is for both of us to play on the U.S. National Women’s Team together and be the first identical twins on the team,’ says Dani, a sentiment her sister Gabi quickly echoes. It’s no surprise these twins are close – their birth times only minutes apart – what does surprise is how aligned they are in their steadfast commitment to ensuring complete victory.

Since the age of nine, the sisters have been focused on their goal says their mother, with D1 Soccer and eventually the National Team in their sights – ‘Everyone that sees them says they have the potential to do it,’ comments their mom, ‘…and if they work hard, I think that they could!’ Their drive is undeniable.

Boasting three trainers – Eddy, Fernando and Dennis – virtually every aspect of the girls’ program seems geared towards what clearly makes them happy. SOCCER, SOCCER and MORE SOCCER. It’s humbling to see the young generation focused on lofty goals while putting in the time and work to become elite athletes. We wish them all the best and will be following their journey to the top.

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