MARKET Paints Town Red For Collab With Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, an American paint manufacturer, has teamed up with streetwear brand MARKET in a collaboration made for the profession. The limited edition collaboration is inspired by painters and the different colors they bring to life.

We got a chance to ask Michael Cherman, designer of the capsule, on how we got to styling the paint.

Ballerstatus: I would never have known about a contractor’s appreciation month, how important is it we celebrate artists in every venture

Michael Cherman: This is what life is all about, celebrating the art in the everyday. Realizing that so much around you is truly made from craft and skill and a lot of times these things are overlooked as art when they truly are. Benjamin Moore has been long-committed to supporting these professionals and put this celebration in place as an expression of gratitude for the work they do in and around communities every day. There is nothing more special than realizing that someone who does a functional job like being a contractor, building things and more means that you are just as much an artist as anyone else.

Ballerstatus: Was designing a collection behind a certain occupation a difficult task? Any other jobs you’d think it be fun for?

Michael Cherman: It was fun to be able to create product for the people who truly wear their “workwear”. To be able to explore different mediums and challenge yourself to create product for an end user that is different than your everyday gives a new perspective to why you’re creating product in the first place.

Ballerstatus: What can we expect you working on next with MARKET?

Michael Cherman: Continuing to question what’s possible within streetwear!

Ballerstatus: What made you want to partner with Benjamin Moore, and how did the collaboration come to be?

Michael Cherman: We wanted to partner with Benjamin Moore to work with a company that directly connects with the maker world every day. While more traditionally used commercially, it’s important to realize that a majority of the people who work with the company’s products are the people who make our world around us so beautiful and we are lucky to be able to create a capsule collection of workwear that pays homage to these unsung artists. 

Ballerstatus: What can we expect from the pop up?

Michael Cherman: It’s a chance for consumers as well as contractors to experience the collection in person on Wednesday, March 29th at 433 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90048.

The collection goes live Wednesday, March 29th exclusively for a short time on the NTWRK app, celebrating Contractor’s Appreciation Month by bringing attention to their creative pursuits. Link available here.

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