How Has Technology Refined the NFL?


The NFL has always been open to improvement and evolution through tech. This has been seen with the progression of helmets and field turf, as well as viewing enhancements like instant replays and helmet audio. As digitalization around the world improves, more of it is creeping into the sport. This is being used from everything to improving the spectator experience, to optimizing training to reduce instances of injury.

Can the NFL Improve the Spectator Experience in New Ways?

The NFL is always looking into ways to enhance the viewer experience on a variety of levels. Pundits now have access to a wealth of data, and they have been able to commentate on this in their analysis of matches. For example, knowing exact information about net yards per attempt and rushing yards can help pundits make more accurate predictions about which team may have a better chance of winning.

Indeed, NFL is one of the most data driven sports now, and bettors often use the vast library of statistics at their disposal when making their selections. This can be enhanced further, though, if the USA decides to introduce some of the AI that has been revolutionizing horse racing. One of the most exciting things that is new in sports betting is the AI tool that can be used to make predictions about who will win in a horse race. The NFL uses a similar library of data, and algorithms could be brought in for the betting industry in the future.

What are the Most Noticeable Tech Improvements in the NFL?

Aside from ensuring that the viewing experience is always at the cutting edge, technology has seeped into the NFL in a myriad of other ways. Something that spectators aren’t necessarily aware of is the digitalization of training plans that help reduce the risk of injury.

Kitman Labs is one company that is helping in this regard. When players train, they are hooked up to hardware that records all their vital metrics. The computer software can then analyze their workload and recommend how to proceed in the next session.

The NFL has also partnered with Amazon Web Services to compute a vast amount of data that can be used to improve the safety of players. This includes a cloud-based data collection program called the NFL Next Gen Stats platform. Data on individual players, such as acceleration and speed, can be compared with others in the country and throughout history. The algorithm can then assess whether a player is at risk of getting injured.

This advanced software doesn’t just reduce the risk of injury, it can also help maximize player performance. Coaches can assess all the information at their disposal and optimize their plays based on their players’ core strengths.

The great thing about all these technological advances is that they haven’t disrupted the game as they have been introduced. Each small step towards using futuristic methods has made the NFL better in different ways. It is exciting to think how tech will be used to improve the sport next.

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