Andrew Luck has Stunned the NFL Universe by Retiring at Age 29

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Andrew Luck has shocked the entire NFL universe by announcing his retirement at age 29. Gambling sites often favored the Colts when listing odds, due to the star QB and his unmatched potential. Luck was often seen on the sidelines during the preseason. He was booed by Colts fans when they played the Chicago Bears and this happened shortly after the news broke. The injuries that he has battled have apparently taken an immeasurable toll on his body and that he feels stuck. He has stated that he cannot play football anymore and that his joy has simply been taken out of the game.

There has been a press conference and the NFL Network have also confirmed this news. Andrew Luck appeared to be emotional when he read his script and you could tell how much weight each one of his words held. He has stated that this is one of the hardest decisions that he has ever had to make and he chose to single out Robert Mathis when listing his most supportive teammates. Some of the top sites around, including NetBet casino have been forced to update their system to reflect the latest changes.

Luck admitted that he was jealous of how ecstatic Brisset appeared at the facility when they returned for their very own off-season practice. He also apologized to his mother because he was wearing a “ratty” t-shirt during the conference. Even though he has clearly been through so much, he still admitted that at times, he had to pinch himself because he couldn’t quite believe who he was playing for.

He was the number one overall pick for the Colts in the 2012 draft and he has battled through injuries throughout his entire career. His calf injury had him out for most of the off-season. Even though he has been somewhat plagued with injuries, he has still been able to lead the Colts to three playoff games. In 2015 and 2016 he battled both rib and shoulder injuries, and he also had a very slow start in 2018 too. The calf issue seemed to crop up earlier in the off-season, but all of the team were confident that he would be back on the field in no time at all.

He’s stated that he is not going to go and play for another team because the issue does not lie with him not enjoying his time with the Colts. Instead, his issue lies with the fact that he has not been able to play football and enjoy it due to his injuries.

So in conclusion, it looks like Andrew Luck has retired and that he has absolutely no intentions of coming back. Some have called him on his decision, saying that he could at least have lasted the season to give The Colts the chance to find someone else to replace him. Some believe that he has let his teammates down by announcing the decision so suddenly and with so little time left before the season kicks off.

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